Introduce yourself 

I am Vipin Aryan, cosplaying since 2015 and have few big winning prizes this year and also in the past. But the most worth it and dream come true for me was winning the  DCC Qualifiers 2019 when I won the grand prize for my cosplay of Abyssal Armor from Monster 3 Ultimate.


What character would you cosplay as if you win the ICC 2020?

I work in a tech company but my passion has always been cosplay and that’s why I decided to pursue it full time now. I started out with anime cosplays but slowly shifted to gaming cosplays. I am a craftsman and emerging myself into the craft motivates me to define the meaning of life.


I love accuracy, neatness, and detailed work. I worked for around 18 hours daily to fast-track the costume and I’m confident enough to complete it on time. I happen to love the game too and its characters are my favourite amongst other gaming characters. I plan to cosplay explore cosplaying as other Armours in the future and winning ICC 2019 will help me achieve that dream.


Why do you deserve to win the FAN FAVOURITE AWARD AT  ICC? 

Winning the fan favorite ICC 2019 will give me an opportunity to keep pursuing my love of cosplay. I love working on these costumes and hopefully, my work will motivate others into the art of cosplaying.