Introduce yourself 

Hi, I’m Saurabh Singh Rawat aka Metalbender. My journey with art started with building Beyblade rings and Hot Wheels tracks that eventually graduated into a full-time job as an art director and a cosplayer. I have been cosplaying for 5 years and have built challenging costumes, taking intricacies up a notch with Centaur Warrunner, a character from Dota2. The biggest challenge was to achieve the quadrupedal gait keeping the in-game character proportions intact.


What character would you cosplay as if you win the ICC 2020?

I will be cosplaying as Centaur Warrunner at C2E2. What gives me an edge in the competition is the encapsulating diverse medium of costume building while the usual practice is to use just a few— EVA foam, foam clay, and airbrush graphical painting for the base structure and details, 4-way Lycra to mimic skin, fur for hair, metallic wires for the mechanism of movement, and programmed lights for fire effect.


Why do you deserve to win the FAN FAVOURITE AWARD AT  ICC? 

More than anything, I’d like to reach out to other cosplayers in the country. I want to make my art accessible. As a part of the Indian cosplay community I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned as an artist which includes interacting with people. If I win the Fan Favorite award I’ll return the love for the art form double fold.