Introduce yourself 

I’m Sameer Bundela, an experimental artist, filmmaker and sculptor. I’ve been cosplaying for 9 years now and have competed in and won many national and international awards.


What character would you cosplay as if you win the ICC 2020?

I chose this cosplay for the extreme details and finesse that is expected in a well-known competition like the Crown Championship of Cosplay, therefore if I win, I’d like to take this costume all the way to C2E2. I’ve used a lot of materials and techniques in this costume that I have learned and perfected over the last few years. And I’ve paid a lot of attention to the details and accuracy of the costume to the original artwork. I think that makes this cosplay a very good contender even at such a big stage.


Why do you deserve to win the FAN FAVOURITE AWARD AT  ICC? 

I have put in a lot of time and effort into this costume and have received a lot of love and admiration for it, which is a reward in itself, but it’ll certainly feel great to have a certificate to show off for my hard work. I hope that people will reward my Labour and choose me for the Fan Favourite Award.