Introduce yourself 

I’m Medha Srivastava, a professional concept and game artist from Mumbai. at the age of 3, I picked up my first paintbrush & there’s been no looking back since then. As the years went by my passion for art kept growing. With a degree in animation and film making, I formally learnt various styles of art and decided to use my skills as a cosplayer. I believe being an artist gave me an advantage.


What character would you cosplay as if you win the ICC 2020?

I would cosplay as Legion Commander from Dota 2 as her I can connect with the character’s strength, courage and perseverance. She is the most badass and strong female gaming characters according to me. More than that, her character made me challenge myself to try my hands on different mediums on my costume like EVA foam, wood, fur, clay, wig, cloth and LED lights and makeup. The most challenging part of the costume was to build the gigantic wig which includes a cycling helmet , fur, upholstery foam, wig hair, stuffing cotton. Cosplaying as Legion Commander had also made me grab the best technique award at The International in Shanghai, so taking it forward to the next level and representing my homeland again would definitely be a challenge and honour for me. More than techniques and aesthetics, this cosplay gives me immense mobility and I am a firm believer of good performance and comfort while cosplaying apart from build and structure.


Why do you deserve to win the FAN FAVOURITE AWARD AT  ICC? 

I always wanted to inspire people with my art and by God’s grace I have received a lot of love on social media for my work. Be it art or cosplay, I really want to set an example for budding cosplayers and young artists and make cosplaying a serious business. Cosplay has vast potentials as a craft and coming from international cosplay forums I believe I can contribute in make cosplays more popular in India. I believe my followers would definitely love to give me another chance to represent the motherland on an inetrnational platform and make me win the FAN Favourite Award.