Introduce yourself 

I’m Gaurav Thakur and I cosplayed as Killmonger from the movie Black Panther. I am an Art Director by the day and dabble into photography, sketching, testing new gadgets, and working on my for my next Cosplay. It’s been 7 years now that I’m cosplaying. I am a big fan of Stan Lee, and MCU has been the big inspiration for my cosplays. 


What character would you cosplay as if you win the ICC 2020?

I will continue to cosplay as Killmonger because I believe it has all the potential to give tough competition. The costume received a lot of appreciation and was fully hand-stitched. Even all the patterns have been recreated manually. I had to cast my face with Fiberglass to sculpt the mask. The belts and necklace are made of silicon and latex. For creating the weapons, I used foam and wood. For extra visual effects, I used LEDs in my costume. It took me 6 months to complete the costume.


Why do you deserve to win the FAN FAVOURITE AWARD AT  ICC? 

I do characters that are popular and loved by people, they are closer to the movie characters and thus relatable, this is why I believe that I have the chance to win The Fan Favourite Award.