FIFA Players Who Would be Awesome at Quidditch

What are the things that are common in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and our Muggle World- sadly not much, except a certain fervour for our favourite sports. The Harry Potter books and movies gave us a picture of how people always celebrated The Quidditch World Cup in a grand fashion. It’s not far from how muggles celebrate the FIFA fever in the real world. The same energy and zeal can be seen in the fans irrespective of the sport they support.
You see, they are basically the same game if we take out the flying broomsticks, the three extra balls and the six towering goal posts from Quidditch, while also adding four extra players to each team.
In fact Football can also be termed as Muggle Quidditch for the people who just desperately want to live in the world created by J.K Rowling. Let a muggle dream.
But how would our favourite Football players actually perform at Quidditch if they did live in the Wizarding World? How will their skill set in Football help them play the best imaginary game in the world?

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