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Vipin Aryan

I am Vipin Aryan, a Delhi based cosplayer and I pride myself with multiple awards in the anime category at the Cosplay Contests at Comic Con India. Everything changed when I got my dream prize as the Grand Prize Winner at Delhi Comic Con 2018.

I quit my job as a software engineer to pursue cosplay and prop making as a full time profession. What I love about Martis is his love for his goals and that he fights for them! I relate with the character and that's why I love cosplaying as him. Bringing Martis to life in the real world was a challenge. It involved advanced construction techniques, intricate detailing and complex mechanisms, everything cohesively engineered to make the costume functional and mobile. I introduced effects in my headpiece, belt and swords with my detailed armour, and also included lighting in my entire costume.

If I win the Indian Championship of Cosplay, I’ll decide accordingly which character to cosplay as at C2E2.

Winning the fan favourite award at ICC 2019 will give me an opportunity to keep pursuing my passion for cosplay. I love making these costumes and hopefully my work motivates other people to participate in the art of cosplaying.

"Hahahahahaha... 3 thousand worlds and not a single worthy foe!" - Martis

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