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Shine Saha

I'm Shine Saha and I'm a cosplayer from Mumbai. Cosplaying has always been a passion for me and creating costumes, especially armour based cosplays, is what I love the most. I love creating futuristic designs that require a lot of detailing and try and integrate innovative designs into the structure for the costume. My focus is on maintaining accurate proportions, do a flawless paint job and have mobility in the cosplay. I also try to put as many weapons and other props into my work that add to the performance.

My work is mostly freehand where I sketch and create templates myself and transfer them to foam. I try to make the paint job as realistic as possible by giving a detailed weathered effect. I also try and put electronics in the cosplay to make it look more realistic and accurate.

If I win ICC 2019, I would cosplay as Gipsy Avenger from the final Battle in Tokyo from the movie Pacific Rim Uprising. My cosplay is 7.5 ft tall and I even plan to use Kaiju parts which require organic detailing and a buddy Jaeger.

I deserve to win the FAN FAVOURITE AWARD at ICC because all of us fancy playing characters from our favourite movies and dream to have superpowers. My cosplay brings one such character to life. When there's a hurricane, you get out of the way but when you're in a Jaeger, you're invincible!

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