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Sameer Bundela

The competition this year is tough as the costumes are some of the best we've ever witnessed. The advantage I have is the sheer amount of material I had a chance to work with on this costume. It ranges from many types of fabrics, fiberglass, resin, silicone, latex, rubber, Plaster of Paris, 3 types of worbla, foam, sunboard and LEDs. And thanks to the amazingly detailed design of the character, I was able to utilize these materials to their fullest. I plan on upgrading my costume even further for the main event and would surely like to give the judges a hard time choosing the winner.

If I win ICC 2018, I plan on cosplaying Malavestros itself. It's an extremely detailed costume with a lot of intricacies. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve and I'd definitely not want them wasted!

Perhaps i'm just a lowly fool - Malavestros

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