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Jeet Molankar

It's my passion to cosplay as the characters I love the most and I'd always continue to do so. This year I wanted to try my hands on gaming cosplays and do something completely different and challenging as compared to my previous work. Reinhardt from Overwatch drew my attention. I chose LionHardt majorly because of those impactful lion figures in the costume (Also Reinhardt is my main in the Game!). I then designed and fabricated the entire suit, cosplayed at MCC '17 and won the Grand Prize.

The entire costume is hand-crafted and every single item is created straight up from the ground. If I win the ICC Finals, I would be cosplaying as the same character, as I'm confident that it'll give a tough competition to the other finalists. My cosplay has already acquired attention in the global Cosplay Community & also from the Overwatch team. This costume has a lot of potential, and I would like to showcase every detail of it in front of the world. As Reinhardt says- There’s more to my Tale!

I will remain with you—no matter the circumstances. - Reinhardt

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