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Jeet Molankar

I, Jeet Molankar, am a nerd who is on a constant lookout for something to collect and build. Cosplaying as a character that I'm a huge fan of, Iron Man, was something I was always interested in. To achieve extreme detailing, aesthetics, functionality & mobility, I went with the last MCU Mark 50, which was modified & fabricated completely from scratch. The entire suit is hand-crafted and designed to achieve extreme levels of mobility. 4 major upgrades in the suit have begun. (See his fight with Thanos!)

If I win the ICC Finals, I'll be cosplaying as a unique Batman, The Play Arts Kai Batman Steam Punk from their Timeless series at C2E2. After getting to know how the competition works at the global stage, I believe that this cosplay is apt in terms of aesthetics as well as the variety of materials involved. I’ve already designed the costume in 3D, using four types of fabrics, foam, fiberglass casts, transpa/black worbla, latex, electronics and lights. The helmet prototype is also ready. This should be the ultimate upgrade to all my previous work. May the best costume win.

“Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.” - Iron Man

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