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Anupam Chandra

We have all spent our childhood fantasizing about the amazing world of superheroes and now with cosplay, I am living it again. The only change is that, this time I am a part of their magical world.

Gul’dan is an old ORC from the movie & game Warcraft. Despite being a negative character, his appearance is grand and glorified, which I tried my best to showcase in the costume. With the staff in my hand, my costume is 10 feet tall. I have primarily used fiber-reinforced plastic, PVC pipes and polystyrene for making this massive structure and used black canvas for his cloak. It took around 3 months of iteration to reach the final costume.

This is my second time cosplaying at Comic Con Cosplay Contest and I am continuously working on learning new techniques and experimenting with new materials. Gul’dan has taken me to this level, and if I win ICC 2019 and get a chance to represent India at the Global Championship of Cosplay, Chicago, I’ll take the same character with a bit of modification and further refinement in the costume.

“The tides of war encroach, are you ready to meet them?” - Gul’dan

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