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Akshay Jadhav

My name is Akshay Jadhav and I am an artist, an animator, and a cosplayer. I have been cosplaying for the past three years at Mumbai Comic Con. Making the costume for this year was a challenge for me as I opted for an armored cosplay for the first time. I love challenges and thoroughly enjoyed working on the same.

If I win ICC 2019, I'll be cosplaying as the same character at the global platform, but with some extra modifications to make the costume as real as possible.

I deserve to win the FAN FAVORITE AWARD at ICC because I have cosplayed as a unique character. Not many people have attempted it and it was a great challenge for me to create the basic armor of the character.

My cosplay mainly consists of foam. I’ve also used various other materials such as fabrics, fur and glass lenses. While making this cosplay, I wanted to focus more on the details, accuracy and mobility of the cosplay rather than the size. I even wanted to yield my sword that I created using foam. Being able to swing it and move as the character originally moves in the game was my prime focus.

"I choose what once a coward did not" - WAR

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