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Sameer Bundela

Why i deserve to win ?

Honestly, Every one of the winners have worked really hard to get where we are and each one is equally deserving of this win. But I'd definitely like to say that i love being on stage and i love entertaining people. if i get a chance to go to Chicago, my aim would not be just to win the competition ( that's a lie, i'll go in for the kill ) but to win the people over and make them more aware of the Indian cosplay community, Comics and Nerd culture. In what ever big or small ways i can do that. My experience and knowledge ensures that i'm up to that task.

What would i cosplay if I win ?

Although my first preference would be to update my Skywrath even more, since there's only been one cosplayer who've donned this costume before me, and he hasn't been to US. But i have a few other option in mind that includes Big sister from Bioshock, Spawn ( been wanting to upgrade that costume for a long time ), Karl Rupercht Kroenen from Hellboy, Doom (another hero from Dota2 ) or Zarya ( Genderbent from the game Overwatch )

Who dares fly against me - Skywrath

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