Comic Con is a show entirely dedicated to the Pop Culture Universe! You may not be someone who binge watches tv series, but you still love to have fun. You may not have shelves full of collectibles and comics, but you’d still love those quirky merch. You may not jump at the first sight of a new superhero movie trailer, but you still like to witness their vivid and imaginative feel. You really don’t need to be a comic book fan to attend Comic Con. Geek or no, we give you reasons to be at Comic Con that you just can’t deny.

1. Mind-blowing Experience Zones

The experience zones are grand & massive and worth exploring regardless of whether you know what franchises they belong to or not. They offer amazing photo ops and have a mesmerizing setup. There are more than 10 such zones including the 360 gearless VR at the show.

2. Crazy Cosplays

It’s a mind-blowing experience to see hundreds of people dressed & acting as their favorite characters. It’s almost like you’re in a parallel Universe. It’s hands-down the biggest Cosplay Contest of the year with a grand prize of INR 50,000. You’ll definitely get tempted to try some of these yourself!

3. Diverse Guest Line-up

While we have the best of comic book artists and creators from India and around the world at the show, we also have a great line up of YouTubers, entertainers & stand-up comedians. You can’t not have fun when the guest line-up is so amazing and diverse.

4. Never Ending Collection Of Merch

Comic Con doesn’t just have figurines and comic books, but a wide array of quirky merch that everyone would love to own! All your daily accessories come with a twist and you’d never get tired exploring them.

5. Gaming For Everyone

We literally have trucks and arenas dedicated to gaming. We’ve all played games in our free time and Comic Con gets that sorted for you. When you get tired of taking a stroll around the huge show floor, you can relax, play some games and enjoy.

6. Fun Knows No Fandom

You don’t need to be a geek to enjoy the world that Comic Con offers! Where else would you find a strategically planned weekend with amusement infused into every minute. Happiness is our second name. It’s an amazing experience to see thousands of people who are only here to have fun, no inhibitions whatsoever! So much glee and excitement is bound to rub off on you!