Comic Con India (CCI) as part of Reed Pop, wants individuals who demonstrate initiative, an inquisitive mind, a creative vision, an obsession with making things better, a passion for solving puzzles, the humility to laugh at yourself, the willingness to ask for help when you’re over your head (you will be), the ability to deal (healthily) with multiple projects, tight deadlines and demanding partners.

Our office hours may be 10 to 6, but we want someone who can’t help but wake up at 3 AM thinking about improving the experience for our fans. Our culture is creative, fun, supportive, open without exception, and as with all positions at CCI, the focus is on fans first, regardless of if they’re in a three-piece suit or walking around with a four-foot sword made out of cardboard.


The role involves the candidate to work with the brand team to develop, maintain and enhance the position of brands of all assigned events within the Comic Con India portfolio online & offline. Fluency in popular social media platforms is essential. The candidate should have the ability to work on design softwares. Read Full profile below.