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Comic Con is a show entirely dedicated to the Pop Culture Universe! You may not be someone who binge watches tv series, but you still love to have fun. You may not have shelves full of collectibles and comics, but you’d still love those quirky merch. You may not jump at the first sight of a new superhero movie trailer, but you still like to witness their vivid and imaginative feel. You really don’t need to be a comic book fan to attend Comic Con. Geek or no, we give you reasons to be at Comic Con that you just can’t deny.

1. Mind-blowing Experience Zones

The experience zones are grand & massive and worth exploring regardless of whether you know what franchises they belong to or not. They offer amazing photo ops and have a mesmerizing setup. There are more than 10 such zones including the 360 gearless VR at the show.

2. Crazy Cosplays

It’s a mind-blowing experience to see hundreds of people dressed & acting as their favorite characters. It’s almost like you’re in a parallel Universe. It’s hands-down the biggest Cosplay Contest of the year with a grand prize of INR 50,000. You’ll definitely get tempted to try some of these yourself!

3. Diverse Guest Line-up

While we have the best of comic book artists and creators from India and around the world at the show, we also have a great line up of YouTubers, entertainers & stand-up comedians. You can’t not have fun when the guest line-up is so amazing and diverse.

4. Never Ending Collection Of Merch

Comic Con doesn’t just have figurines and comic books, but a wide array of quirky merch that everyone would love to own! All your daily accessories come with a twist and you’d never get tired exploring them.

5. Gaming For Everyone

We literally have trucks and arenas dedicated to gaming. We’ve all played games in our free time and Comic Con gets that sorted for you. When you get tired of taking a stroll around the huge show floor, you can relax, play some games and enjoy.

6. Fun Knows No Fandom

You don’t need to be a geek to enjoy the world that Comic Con offers! Where else would you find a strategically planned weekend with amusement infused into every minute. Happiness is our second name. It’s an amazing experience to see thousands of people who are only here to have fun, no inhibitions whatsoever! So much glee and excitement is bound to rub off on you!

Dungeons and Dragons, D&D if you prefer the shorthand, is probably best known by those who know it as one of (if not THE) the most popular tabletop role playing adventure games… ever. Hell just based on snippets and references in popular TV shows and movies you probably know what it is that I’m talking about… even if you have no idea what it is I’m talking about.

What may surprise you to hear however is that the game isn’t completely alien to us here in India. Sure in terms of consumers of niche or non-mainstream products we may still be parsecs behind most of the western world, I’ve personally certainly seen some real interest in this world in recent years – and not just amongst the small group of “uber nerds/geeks” that I unfortunately call friends, amongst the larger consumer base of Comic Con India, which, for the most part, pretty fairly represents a large sampling of the audience out there. In fact one of the attractions at the Pune Comic Con was an area for people to play Dungeons and Dragons – a welcome opportunity for many first timers I’m sure, since the biggest challenge (now that the internet has taken care of most access issues) is to find a group to learn/play.

I’ve been playing for just over a year now myself and while it took a while to get together a regular group I’m happy to say we now have a solid number of people – enough that we can rotate around with people jumping in and out when we alternate campaigns and one-shots – with lots of colourful characters (in and out of the game) to keep things nice and interesting.

So for all you budding players out there here are a few helpful tips – some Dungeon Do’s and Dragon Don’ts to keep in mind while playing…



D&D can be a lot of fun – you have worlds to discover, exciting foes to vanquish, cool magical items to collect. But it can also seem a bit silly – keeping track of how many coins you can carry before you can’t move, figuring out what your character sounds like. And you’re often playing with people of varying levels of skill and experience. So the first and best advice is – commit to the process! The game makes a lot more sense if, for 3-4 hours at a time, you stop thinking in terms of “the real world” and just dive in. It also helps greatly to bring the experience to life for yourself and your fellow adventurers.

So go ahead – give yourself some back story, figure out what your character sounds like (and don’t be afraid to work out those accents/acting skills) – it’ll be a lot more fun getting through the less fightey bits. And never roll your eyes or deride someone who is going the extra mile or making that extra effort!


Nothing turns a fun intense session anti-climactic like having to fast forward through the last few bits because someone has to leave. Or putting a game on hold for three weeks because people get busy, and thus losing all your momentum. So its important to plan your sessions well and stick to those plans. This means pick days/times when everyone can regularly block out 3-4 hours. If you’re a new DM – read ahead as much as you can – you’ll waste less time mid-game when your adventurers (inevitably) throw you a curve ball or two by not following the plot like you’d hoped. First time players – make sure to get to the meeting point/dial in ON TIME – Its not fair to keep other players waiting and when you’re new to the game you lose a lot of time figuring stuff out, so even a quick one-shot adventure can take 4 hours with the training wheels on.

So remember – Pick a convenient start/stop time and stick to it! Plan food/other breaks in advance. And DMs don’t get too ambitious with how much progress can be made in one session (or pick adventures with convenient points to stop and pick up again).


The Fifth Edition (5e) rules for Dungeons and Dragons are pretty comprehensive. But the thing about an open world format table top game that is only limited by your imagination is, sometimes something new comes up. So if you can’t figure out how something works, or you just don’t like certain rules, talk it out with your DM and your fellow adventurers. The main thing about D&D is to work together and have fun – So it only makes sense to play the way that everyone can and does. Many rules are optional or played only in advanced versions of the game – but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match, as long as you’re consistent about the game and don’t just keep changing stuff when it suits/doesn’t suit you (remember, the game works better if you commit!). It’s also important to know that talking it out doesn’t mean just arguing obstinately till the other person gives up! That goes for DM’s and players!

So DMs – You are not God, you are more like the narrator. And Players – Ask questions if you’re confused, but remember it’s a lot more fun to play along with the group than it is to insist on winning every argument.


Sort of raised this with the last point – You have to be consistent. Yes this game is designed to be limitless, but that doesn’t mean you should just ignore things when they become inconvenient or just change the rules of physics whenever it suits you. If you’re not a fan of a rule or you want to clarify with the group the extent to which nitty-gritties (coinage, weight encumbrance, strict turn-by-turn play) may play a part in your gaming, bring it up before you start. Don’t decide in the middle of the game to just change the rules. This isn’t helpful to the players or the DM, because it makes it hard to figure out how things will work and that pulls you out of the role-play. It’s also important to not constantly be changing your mind when it comes to your character – you shouldn’t play Neutral Good one day, and just plain Chaotic Evil the next – that just doesn’t make sense. Nor does it make sense to re-level up your character because you couldn’t make your mind up the first time. If you want to change something in the game, find a way within the parameters you’ve set.

This is key – Keep it consistent – That way you know what makes sense and what doesn’t and you can concentrate less on the dice mechanics and more on diving into the role-play!


Nothing slows down a game quite like someone leveling up in the middle of an adventure and then stopping play for 20 minutes to figure which spells they want, or how their new feats work. So it’s important to read ahead. Know your character and think about your progression – this will keep game play more seamless and you’ll better utilize the limited time you may have as a group. There’s plenty of other hours in the week to work on your character on your own. And this goes for DMs too – read ahead and know the ins and outs of the adventure you’re hosting – or you may be stopping every 5 minutes to figure out how the environmental factors or traps or whatever else works every time your players decide to enter a new room or throw you those lovely “you wanna do what?!” curve balls.

This one ties in to No. 1 – Be prepared before start time so you have more time for the game and less time doing math, reading rule books and looking up spells.



As a DM it really bugs me when a player just stops game play for 15 minutes just because he/she doesn’t agree with a rule or feels a situation didn’t play out how they thought it should. Its important to dialogue and make sure everyone feels involved, but don’t shut down the game arguing semantics. Trust that a DM is not the enemy – their goal is not to kill you all off (trust me if we wanted to, it would be a lot easier than you think) – they really are one of the players, not just the evil antagonist behind a screen. And DMs – you don’t always have to have your way – its important that the players feel like it’s their game, not just yours – so lay out ground rules before you start and take constructive feedback.

If 2/3 of you are arguing – Remember that there are other players who’d rather hack some beasties or drink mead at the local tap house than hear you argue over whether someone can carry more than 2 staffs or whether a bat would have been spotted by a floating death skull in the dark.


Some players love to talk – and that’s awesome for this game, especially when it works into a person’s character. But it can be annoying/frustrating for new players, who are still trying to get a hang of the role-play aspect of the game. So if you’re a larger than life player or character, remember that it’s okay not to always take the lead. Encourage your fellow adventurers to try something, or dialogue with an NPC or suggest strategies to beat a foe. And DMs there are good ways to make sure that game play doesn’t get dominated by single players – turn-based game play, splitting party members, limiting input per player/character. Talk these out with your players before you start, and make sure to remind them when they forget.

Remember guys – It’s a team game – If you didn’t want to bother with all the other people, there are always single player campaigns on Dungeons and Dragons Online.


Some of the best D&D moments come out of groups of players who are all familiar with each other and spend just as much time being silly and amusing each other as they do adventuring. Frankly I haven’t had a single session where a joke didn’t break out that kept us laughing again and again – some even became running jokes inside and outside the tabletop verse. But it’s important to know when to break the fourth wall and when to leave it as is. Horseplay is good to break any monotony and to keep energies up, or to build comfort and familiarity within a team – but it can also pull you out of role play so it’s important to have a healthy balance.

If your DM keep pushing you to move on/do something – Might be an indication i’ts time to get back into character and work on the adventure – the horseplay will always be on hand for the next break


I hate rushing through the last bit of an adventure because people started late or got distracted mid-game or someone had issues while dialing in. But if you do get to the point that you just can’t keep playing or finish your adventure, there’s nothing wrong with just finding a way to exit and get back into when everyone is ready. The final bit of an adventure is often the most rewarding – in terms of XP and loot, as well as story culmination and emotional crescendo – so why rush through that bit and have a hasty dispersal. If you’ve planned your adventure well and kept yourself in the game hopefully this doesn’t happen, but if it looks like its going to then say so earlier rather than later – then walk away and regroup when everyone’s ready.

That epilogue is what we all adventure towards – Don’t ruin the climax by fast forwarding through it – Then all you’re really doing is XP farming.


There are a lot of decisions to make in this game. So no one is going to hold it against you if you need time to figure some stuff out, or you’re just not sure which path to take. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from fellow players or the many many online. But once you’ve made a decision, try and stick to it. DMs often plan scenarios or adventures based on your characters, imagine their frustration when you show and tell them actually I want to re-work some stuff. At the same time, players may show up ready to take on their next challenge, surely they shouldn’t have to wait because the DM couldn’t help but get in some last minute tinkering.

There are always opportunities to change your mind later, and almost no decision is set in stone – But don’t tinker and make changes last minute – It’ll cause confusion, slow down game play and just make you a bit of a nuisance.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind as you go out there and explore the many worlds out there in the D&D verse. So go ahead and start exploring fellow adventurer’s – Excelsior and Alonse!

(For those that may not now where to start here are some online resources to get you going)

D&D: The Official Site – The Wizards of the Coast site offers plenty of resources, including a Starters Players Manual, the running story of the game, and lots of official products.

The D&D Starter Set – The Lost Mines of Phandalin is a fun start to the game for new adventurers – with pre-generated characters and a rich story to follow. If you’re inclined to make the purchase you can order it from the official site or look it up in your local game store or country specific online portal.

Youtube Channels – There are plenty of experienced players online, eager to share their know-how and pro-tips. Here is one I found helpful when going through the early stages of character creation.

Finding Adventures Online – Most players will at some point or the other want to make their way through the official D&D stories, but if you’re not so inclined or you can’t afford it or you’re just looking for something different then look online- There are HUNDREDS of fan-made adventures available. This link will take you to DriveThruRPG – where many adventures are available for free, or pay what you like.


Last week or so has been trailer & teaser bonanza for fans across the world, with the Avengers: Infinity Wars teaser being leaked from D23 expo and the barrage of trailers releasing at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend! However, do not worry, we have you covered, check out some the biggest trailer/teaser releases of the past week!

1.Thor: Ragnarok

A little over 100 days till the new Thor movies hits the theaters! Will it be a raging fire like Hulk or a Smouldering fire like Thor 😉

2. Justice League

We finally get to see Steppenwolf and don’t miss out the ending! Movie hits theatres on November 17, 2017.

3. Ready Player One

This is Steven Spielberg’s latest based on a novel by Ernie Cline- it takes place in the future. It is an 80’s themed future set action adventure film which opens in theaters on 30th March 2018!

4. Stranger Things: Season 2

The first look at the trailer was exciting, dramatic, scarier and comparatively funnier to the previous season. There is nothing about the trailer which is less than a pure delight like the first season. We can’t wait for October to come!

5. Marvel’s Inhumans

As the trailer dropped at SDCC, it appeared that the show will not be as violent as Marvel’s Nextflix counterparts, however, it will be an extensive action sequence. The focus seems to lie on the Inhuman Royal Family. It is said to debut in IMAX theatres on September 1 and on TV on September 29, 2017!

6. Star Trek Discovery

The new series trailer focusses on the re-emergence of the Klingon Empire and their attack on the several Starfleet ships. The series is set to feature a new ship, new characters as well as new missions while embracing the same ideology. It premieres on September 24, 2017!

7. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

This is a sequel to 2015’s hit spy thriller- Kingsman: The Secret Service. The director Matthew Vaughn returns for a sequel with a bigger budget, all star cast, plot twists and a promise of a much crazier experience! It is set to hit theatres on September 22, 2017!

8. Pacific Rim 2: Uprising

Even though there are still eight months to go before the sequel to Pacific Rim hits theatres, but we got our first sneak peak trailer teaser of Pacific Rim: Uprising at SDCC. The trailer seems to tell the story of a new generation of Jaeger Pilots who stand tall for humanity. It is said to open in theaters on Feb 23, 2018!

9. Marvel’s The Defenders

This is a major crossover series for Marvel. The series brings together characters from Nextflix’s four preceding Marvel superhero shows- “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist”. It premieres on August 18, 2017!

10. Blade Runner 2049

With its initial release in 1982, this trailer has set the expectations of the fans surrounding Blade Runner 2049 considerably high. The release would prove whether director Denis Villenevues sequel would stand at par with the predecessor or not. In theaters in 2019!

11. West World Season 2

Fans that love sci fi series Westworld got their turn with the trailer of the second season of the show. The series is set to return to HBO in 2018!

12. Walking Dead Season 8

The premiere of the 8 season seems packed with action, our favorite characters and zombies of course! The intensity of this zombie thriller is said to be intense in the upcoming season. It debuts on October 22, 2017!

13. Bright

Netflix has debuted a new trailer for Bright – a big budget fantasy epic starring Will Smith and directed by David Ayer. It will premiere on Netflix on December 22, 2017.

14. The Gifted

The upcoming Fox series is set in the X-Men universe promising to bring more of the mutant action to television. It premiers on October 2, 2017!

15. The Lego Ninjago Movie

This takes one of the building brick company’s most popular toylines to the big screen with a completely new story and all star comedy cast. In the trailer, we learn a little bit more about Lyold the Green Ninja and his family. It is set to premiere on September 22nd, 2017!

16. The Flash Season 4

After the heart-wrenching note on which season 3 ended, the fourth season is set to bring in new characters as well as villains to the show including the long anticipated Big Bad, The Thinker as well as The Mechanic. It is said to return on October 10, 2017!

17. Supergirl Season 3

The trailer teases the characters new story arc going forward as well as introductions of multiple new characters! It is said to return on October 9, 2017!

18. Arrow Season 6

The recap of Season 5 was an explosive finale while season 6 throws light on the fallout from the explosion. We see a tease of what happens to post it – Oliver and his son, the Black canaries battle etc! Arrow returns on October 12, 2017!

19. Gotham Season 4

The teaser revealed that a big part of Season 4 will be Bruce Wayne’s journey to becoming Batman! it also teases the rise of Catwoman, Scarecrow among others. We’re waiting for September 28, 2017!

20. Legends of Tomorrow Season 3

The trailer that dropped at SDCC shows season 3 going places- the circus, the wild west to the revolutionary war, medieval times- just to name a few. Find out more as the series returns on October 10, 2017!

This was a sneak peek of few of the trailers released at San Diego Comic Con- a complete round up for those who missed out!


Authored by Shivani Jaggi


1.The opening music makes you feel like you should rule the seven kingdoms yourself!



2. We wish for less talking & more fighting.



3. You want your own dire wolf.



4. Can we also drink and at least pretend to know things like Tyrion Lannister?



5. Note to Self: Avoid Arya Stark’s “LIST” at all costs!!!list


6. OK, So are you as FIERCE as KHALEESI??



7. Let’s admit it, we all wanted to kill Joffrey. *evil laugh*






The latest episode of Game Of Thrones Season 7 is out! Share your thoughts with us – Like, Share and Comment! 🙂


Authored by Shivani Jaggi


Spider-Man Goes Desi!

The Comic Con India crew recently attended Sony India’s Exclusive Spiderman:Homecoming media event in Singapore with Sahil Shah from East India Comedy. Sahil as part of the CCI Crew hosted a special conversation with the cast of the movie including with Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland!

So, the following videos feature –

  • A Special interaction with Tom Holland, from his thoughts on becoming an Avenger to his shocking yet funny reaction to discovering the Indian Spider-Man and finally belting out everyone’s favorite ‘issspiderman-issspiderman!’ Yes, you read that correctly. We made the impossible possible and it is pretty dope.

Other fun interviews included an awesome conversation with Jacob Batalon, who plays the on-screen best friend of Spider-Man. The video interview takes the fans through his Geeky side and his fun behind the scenes antics with Tom Holland.

Trust me; these videos are worth every second that you spend watching them. One of the videos might also include a little surprise toward the end. SO stay tuned & watch till the very end to know what these amazing videos hold for you!!  

And don’t forget- Spider-Man: Homecoming in theatres near you on 7th July!!  

Tom Holland Reacts to Desi Spider-Man!



Meet Spider-Man’s Best Friend, Ned Leeds Aka Jacob Batalon!



Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer



Video Edited By: https://www.youtube.com/user/The11thH0UR


Harvey Specter drives around New York City in his Porsche convertible, a stern but determined look on his face as he gives his transmission and brake pads a run for their money, with the distortion rich track ‘Fire’ by Barns Courtney playing in the background. And as it turns out he’s on his way to go ask out his therapist… Actually this is a pretty good analogy for what this show has basically been reduced to – Some epic moments, “edgy” shots, man-brooding, and of course some Harvey Specter golden tongue action (no puns intended)… all leading to the show’s characters making decisions that will undoubtedly doom them by the end of the season.


The real problem with a show that caught the attention of a mass audience in its initial seasons is what it will resort to in order to keep it. Suits has, in my opinion, been circling the drain for a few seasons now – we’ve had episode after episode of “will Mike get in/out of trouble?”, “will Pearson-Specter-Litt survive?”, “Harvey and Donna – will they, wont they?”… Frankly, when you stretch out the drama of something over sooooo long it just becomes harder and harder to stay invested (and this is coming from the guy who watched the last 5 seasons of Supernatural on sheer auto pilot because of how badass Dean is/the whole Dean-Cass bromance thing).


To its credit, the season premiere seeks to answer some of the questions that have been annoyingly dragging on the show for a few seasons now. But it unfortunately also continues to make a lot of the same mistakes. If you read on beware: SPOILERS AHEAD.


The Harvey and Donna of it All: Well we sort of got our answer to this question in the first 30 seconds didn’t we. Will they, wont they? They wont… at least, not in this season probably. No instead of making a huge mistake and sleeping with Donna – his friend, confidant and person who he pays (so there’s that whole prostitution-y thing), Harvey decides to make a huge mistake and try and sleep with his therapist – his (sort of) friend, confidant and person who he pays (so there’s still that whole prostitution-y thing). Frankly, I never thought that Donna and Harvey should get together. But to distract audiences from that by throwing him into yet another doomed relationship… Lazy writing? Ratings grab? Does it matter?

Where in the World is Mike Ross: Mike was such an understated badass when this show began. Now he’s a Katy Perry lyric: “You’re yes then you’re no, You’re in then you’re out, You’re up then you’re down”. He honestly cannot seem to make up his mind about whether he wants to fight the good fight or have the corner office or now I guess both? Mike decides he wants to go back to the firm, but also help his clinic stay afloat by giving them Harvey’s money. And maybe working with them on pro bono cases. Awww I guess he can do it all. For someone who has often pushed other characters to tow the moral line, Mike Ross is actually very good at justifying the means for the ends. Gandhi would not approve! It’s getting annoying trying to stay on Mike’s moral rollercoaster – like any rollercoaster, stay on it long enough and you’ll get sick. Also, and I know this one is mean and a little “troll-y” but is anyone else still put off by his upside down smile?


Donna’s Big Break: So one of the big last season cliffhangers was that Donna “wants more”. But as it turns out not only does Harvey not “want more” with her, nor does she! No it seems the (tragic?) failure of “The Donna” didn’t push her into Harvey’s constantly unavailable arms, but rather pushed her to… insist on becoming a partner in a law firm?? I mean I know we don’t really watch this show for its realism, but if you’re basically going to take the liberties of 80’s sitcoms, might as well add a laugh track and shoot with some more “pleasantly soft” lighting. Don’t get me wrong. I think Donna is bad ass. And yes the character is so capable of being “more than a Secretary” (just saying, its not like her gig was that bad before), but she isn’t even a lawyer. Remember how big a deal it was for them to hire Rachel Zane just because she didn’t go to Harvard? And she was written to be one of the hardest working lawyers on television. The fact that it took a few conversations and a cheque before Harvey went “Ok Donna, you’re partner”… and a senior partner apparently… this kind of twist/gimmick does not bode well for storyline future.


Stewing Lou-is Litt: Louis Litt is definitely one of my favourite charters on this show. Maybe its because he is almost always the underdog. And sure, he is his own greatest enemy. But he is also one of the more fleshed out and three-dimensional characters on the show. Not to mention the only one who has shown real character development over the seasons (even if he does periodically revert to his petty competitive man child state). Watching him deal with the punishment inflicted on him in the Season 6 finale is maybe one of the Premiere’s saving graces – because that story still has me invested (I don’t know about you but I still hope he gets back together with Sheila Sazs). But the way it’s being written for now, it seems like Louis has a lot of regression and pain ahead of him before he gets anywhere near some closure. But you know what, it makes him human. And real. And believable compared to everything else.


Honourable Mention: Gretchen (Scrubs’ Nurse Roberts) has been a welcome edition to the show since she joined. And this premiere is no exception. She is just as tough as Donna and on her the sass actually works – not coz she’s black, because she looks like she genuinely could knock you out. Plus with her I feel some closure on the relationship Louis has always craved with Donna.


Dishonourable Mention: Rachel Zane continues to be unimpressive. She’s frankly written as one of the hardest working, diligent, strong female characters on the show. However Meghan Markle just doesn’t seem to be doing it for me in the role. I can’t quite my finger on why, but every time she has a good strong moment on the show I’m just left with “meh”.


Parting Goss: Fans of Dulé Hill are I am sure psych-ed to hear that he will be joining the original cast for a TV Movie later this year. But they may also be interested to know that he has apparently landed a recurring role on Suits as well, as an old friend of Harvey Specter’s. I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything since Psych tragically ended on me, and to seeing him in a dramatic role may take a bit of adjustment. But with old characters losing me, new ones may be welcome, if they’re not just ham fisted in. And I have a good feeling about Dulé (is it Dule? Or Dual?… I’ve heard it both ways).


Believe it or not it actually pains me to write such a harsh review for this show. Better or worse it used to be entertaining. And I enjoyed many of the characters, at least until they all began to coast and stagnate. But lets not pre-judge a whole season by its premiere. There may be changes that bring everything together. Clever twists that mask obvious flaws and vindicate our heroes. A new threat to defeat that brings the struggling cast to their best.


But then again, if you’ve watched as much TV as I have (and I bet most of you haven’t, trust me!)… that kind of turnaround is rare for a show this long in the tooth.


For now, judgment is reserved on Suits Season 7 (yes that was a court room pun… had to throw in at least one). Not a great start… But lets see if Harvey’s Golden Tongue and Mike’s Eidetic Memory/Upside Down smile can save the season in the end…




Zafar Khurshid
About The Writer:
Staff Writer and Co-Owner at Meta DesI Comics, Zafar is one half of the deranged-duo behind the fan-loved, irreverent and outrageous Holy Hell series and the somewhat amusing web-comic series ‘Shtick Figures’. He has been writing comics since 2013 and been a professional geek since before time began.
Follow him on Twitter @MetaDesiComics or @ZafarKhurshid
Or on his personal blog here “ http://khurshidzafar.wordpress.com 

Suits is one of the best legal drama shows on TV right now. With every passing season, there have been many threats to the firm- Pearson Specter Litt. With an outstanding cast and even better guest characters, here is a list of few of the opponents that we find best ranked on the basis of their degree of threat to the firm:

1. Daniel Hardman– When Jessica, Harvey, and Mike went against Daniel Hardman and inadvertently sent Pearson Hardman down the path of potential destruction, it was a given that he would come back and be a potential threat to the firm. He is a skilled manipulator with a razor sharp mind hidden behind an accommodating countenance. Returning from his forced exile, he used the case of Coastal Motors to get back at the firm and regain control. Hardman is the one responsible for some of the ugliest fights in the firm- And for that reason, he makes the top of our list!


2. Anita Gibbs– She is the woman responsible for getting Mike into jail for committing fraud- pretending to be an associate without having gone to law school. She was no doubt persistent in getting what she wanted. Her tactics and game plans are what got Mike to confess and land up in prison. Because of her ruthless streak, we place Anita Gibbs second on our list!


3. Charles Forstman- He is a shady businessman with an even worse reputation. He is an egotist as he takes pleasure in taking advantage of people by using their loved ones. He isn’t afraid to flex his financial muscle whenever needed, Forstman is the one who keeps coming back to haunt Harvey and remind him about a dirty deal he once made with him. Forstman through the course of the show has been approached by Mike and Loius and they have both been regretting their decision of getting into bed with him. He is one of the real bad guys of the show and thus, we place him at number 3!



4. Robert Zane- He is a name partner at Rand, Kaldor & Zane LLP and Rachel’s father. He is a man with great connections and resources which come with having to be a partner at a big firm. However, Zane has threatened Jessica in the past to merge their firms in order to avoid conflict but after realizing, this would affect his daughters position at the firm, he backed out giving way to Daniel Hardman. Robert Zane was the reason the reason for Jessica to merge with Darby in order to avoid Hardman. Although in Season 6, Zane again returns to make another offer of a merger to Jessica Pearson- which she declined. He is a recurrent threat to Pearson Specter Litt for which we place him at number 4!

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5. Jack Soloff- He was seen first in the fifth season as being the head of the compensation committee of Pearson Specter Litt. He wished to change the compensation plan of the company which leads to Harvey’s salary being revealed to the firm. Soloff also took up clients that conflicted with other big clients at the firm. His actions clearly showed the want for more power at the firm but toward the end of season 5, we see him turning over a new leaf as he has a change of heart by deciding to not go against his own firm Pearson Specter Litt. But, in season 6 we see him leaving the firm to join Robert Zane along with a threat to sue Jessica. He bags the last position on our list!



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Authored by Shivani Jaggi


Given the 70 year run of Archie Comics, everyone has grown up reading the digest. However, the latest television iteration Riverdale has been a darker take on the Comic book series. And has radicalised everything from the characters to the content to cater to a new generation.

It has brought the characters to the retelling of the Archie Comic Universe. And follows the lives of Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and Jughead Jones. Jughead is also the narrator of the show. He is shown writing a book about the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom, which sets up Season 1.

Season 1 included the mystery of who killed Jason Blossom (the red headed captain of the football team) and everything from gothic mansions to biker gangs, Pop’s to dramatic teenage lives and so on.The show’s first season was well received and also covered issues like teen angst and cyber bullying.

With the show’s second season on its way- here’s what to expect:

  • Would Fred Andrews survive? – The last episode of the first season showed Fred Andrews (Archie’s dad) being shot by a masked man and a distraught Archie. While this was a dramatic ending, we expect him to survive.landscape-1498390211-fred-1
  • Polly and Twins – With the cat out of the bag in season 1, about the Blossom and the Cooper families we expect more drama for Polly and her twins. We might even see her coming back to school and fixing her reputation.polly
  • Hiram Lodge– The ominous presence of Hiram Lodge was felt throughout the first season. But this season is going to give us a glimpse of the newly released Hiram Lodge who is sure to stir up a lot of trouble. He might even be one of the main characters of the show. *sigh*
  • Cheryl Blossom – The season finale showed her hitting rock bottom with her family destroyed, a failed suicide attempt which left her completely lost and depressed. She is shown burning down her own house in an attempt to start a fresh- burning down her old life to the ground. Cheryl might just be seen resting her mean girl phase to become more humble and considerate!
  • Betty & Jughead – Watchout Bughead fans as the road to this couples happiness might get a bit rocky! There may be a sudden slip in the road as Jugehad grows close to the South Side Serpent squad (like father like son, hmm) which might stir up a conflict between the North and South side, thus hampering the Bughead relationship.38842ceac7f0f159f27403bfebe27913252ec03a_hq
  • Mysterious brother– Season 1 made a revelation about Alice Cooper’s (Betty’s mom) high school pregnancy which lead to the birth of a baby boy which she gave up for adoption. We are hoping this season finally introduces us to Betty and Polly’s long lost mysterious brother! A family reunion might be the perfect trope.Riverdale Chapter One: The River's Edge Season 1, Episode 1 Air Date: January 26, 2017 Pictured (L-R): KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, and Lili Reinhart BTS

We Can’t wait for the premiere of the second season of Riverdale on 1st October 2017! Share your thoughts with us!! Like, Comment & Share!

Authored by Shivani Jaggi


Comics are booming in popularity, variety and just generally being fantastic these days – and on the international scale it’s never been bigger and closer to mainstream than it is right now. One element of that which doesn’t get covered a lot by itself is the licensed properties, i.e, comics about things that weren’t originally comics but now have comic versions of themselves – this has included movies, TV shows, cartoons and even musicians (like KISS and Slayer) and TV wrestling that have been adapted to the comic page.
Why? It’s simple: Comics have no budget restrictions and are faster. You can build a universe, blow up planets, slaughter a city full of zombies, have a global event, recreate performers and actors the way they used to be and so much more in a fraction of the money it would take to make it in live-action or animation. This is something that in recent years many of us have embraced because it gives us more of things we love that could not survive in other mediums OR allowed for continuation of things we love that had to end like TV shows. So today, I’m taking a brief run through the many (many, many, many) comics I’ve sampled in the past two years of comics based on licensed properties – so let’s get to it!
Before I get to the ones I’ve really enjoyed and would recommend to everyone, I’m going to quickly blurb-review the rest, the good, the bad, the ugly or the-just-popular:


IDW Publishing is one off the two biggest licensors, who for their part has done a bang-up job and tied up with Hasbro to bring us all the goodness from childhood – both major and obscure. They’ve got the Transformers which has about three ongoing series (Lost Light, The Transformers & Optimus Prime), two G.I.Joe series and of course ROM the Space Knight, Micronauts and M.A.S.K (anyone remember these last three?) all these universes now being merged into one shared one with a recent event called Revolutions which was actually surprisingly fun to read. In addition they’ve got three Star Trek series, The X-Files (which is pretty good writing and solidly true to the series but I dislike the art!), Back to the Future (yeah, I was surprised at that one too…) and strangely enough this month, a new series based on the board game Clue, that here in India we’d all remember as Cluedo – don’t read Clue, it is a really stupid comic, really…

For the most part, I have to admit, the brunt of the IDW licensed comics are highly entertaining but most are well, decent. Nothing great, nothing fantastic, but an entertaining ride down nostalgia lane and some interesting interpretations and revamps of these old franchises. There are some standouts like G.I.Joe: Real American Hero which is in fact the continuation of the amazing Marvel series from the 80’s and is still being written by Larry Hama who is the master of Joe-storytelling – but the main G.I.Joe series which is part of their shared universe is also fun in its own way, but less like classic Joe so take your pick. For fans of the recent Star Trek movies, the series Star Trek: Boldly Go is a direct continuation of the movies post Beyond and is pretty well done, in fact I preferred it to the movies in many ways – for older Trek stuff, you can check out Star Trek: New Visions by John Byrne which is quite a unique continuation of The Original Series.


The other big-daddy licensor and the most varied by far in the licensing comics game has to be Dynamite – they literally cover everything and every type. The unfortunate part is that like anything where you have a huge volume, quality can suffer – though don’t get me wrong, they’ve got some great stuff here too. Their comics of the animated series Bobs Burgers (a personal fave!) with its random little segments is hilarious and their many Army of Darkness titles are always entertaining but only some are really great – mainly the more recent ones and their crossover with their Xena: Warrior Princess comic (which itself is quite good!). The many mini-series’s of the book series The Dresden Files by author Jim Butcher are fantastic for fans of magical dark-fantasy that is more mature (note: mature doesn’t mean gore-filled) stuff than Harry Potter. For fans of Game of Thrones (a.k.a Songs of Ice and Fire) Dynamite has been doing a most excellent job adapting the books and fans can get a much fuller, richer experience of the series which draws from so much more of the world that the author created – including potential spin-off mini-series in the future.

Most recently their pulp-comic library that carries the likes of The Shadow, Red Sonja and The Green Hornet have been consistently decent if not amazing – The Shadow benefits from having legend Matt Wagner on board and Red Sonja enjoyed a huge revival under Gail Simone. In fact under Simone’s leadership, they had the first of its kind all-female hero multi-universe crossover called The Swords of Sorrow which was actually quite unique and entertaining and tied up all their franchise females plus their original comic heroines as well. The Lone Ranger however has not managed to be as successful in his solo outings.

The ones I didn’t care for however but definitely have their serious fanbase and are doing well enough are series like James Bond which started alright but lost me and retro revivals of cartoon icon Betty Boop, the original Battlestar Galactic and the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman – they’re fun enough I suppose but couldn’t hold my interest and seemed to cater more to nostalgia than anything else. I’ve also been meaning to try out their new Hardy Boys-Nancy Drew crossover comic but honestly I hesitate because it could be really good or really, really sad.


Boom Studios is the another big non-comic licensed property publisher, but they cater to a much more mixed market and quite different from the nostalgia focussed lineup that is IDW. Primarily the market is spit into two lines: Current and old-school. The current market is frankly not for me really, it’s nice but it’s… kinda kiddish.. including stuff like Steven Universe, Adventure Time and a few others – most of this stuff is entertaining enough and I daresay they seem to be very much like the cartoons they are adapted from so hardcore fans (the number of which surprises me till now) should be excited and happy to read them. What I really do enjoy is the more old-school stuff that’s adapted, perhaps because that’s from my younger days but also because I find it well done – prime example is the Power Rangers series, it adapts what I watched waaaay back on VHS tapes (remember those?!) and today makes me laugh a little at the goofiness though I enjoy the nostalgia, but the new comic tries to utilise the new medium and space to flex creative and has actually crafted a pretty good comic out of it all.

There’s also the WWE comic which is written by Dennis Hopeless whose work I’ve enjoyed quite a bit – but again like the kiddie stuff before, this dramatisation of the story-lines of the WWE shows and characters/wrestlers is only mildly entertaining to anyone who is not a wrestling fan. There’s also a Peanuts comic that was launched a while back but frankly I’ve not tried it so not gonna comment.


Next we have a presence from the biggest dog in this play-ground: Marvel Comics. I’m putting there here because it qualifies though just about by pure logic AND has had some surprisingly good entries even in this limited scope. Ever since Disney bought out Star Wars, all the comics in the franchise have come under Marvels banner. Largely that has been a mixed bag for me – comics like the adaptations of the most recent two movies were… well comics of the movies… so if you love Star Wars and liked the movies, enjoy, but I didn’t care much for them. The Darth Maul and Poe Dameron series are hot with hardcore fans but again, I found them passable at best and the main Star Wars ongoing also was entertaining but not enough to keep me reading it. HOWEVER, the first mini-series Princess Leia by Mark Waid was absolutely fantastic and every fan should read it. In addition, Kieron Gillen who had been writing the ongoing Darth Vader series made Vader awesome again and in many ways I feel, more awesome than he was even in movies because he got so much space to develop and show us who and what he is and what he can do – Charles Soule has now taken over so hopefully the series stays good.


Next up we have the relatively new (as far as I know) house of Titan Comics who have been much like Marvel – super niched – in their franchise comics. Mainly they have the whole gamut of Doctor Who in all his multi-incarnational glory. They’re now on year two and three of the most recent/popular Doctors, i.e, Ten, Eleven and Twelve, and have even got an ongoing for Christopher Ecclestons ninth Doctor who has a solid following of his own – plus many mini’s and one-shots starring several of the older versions of our Galifreyan gadabout. So yes, Doctor Who fans have plenty to be happy about.

Apart from the many, many comics of Doctor Who, they seem to have chosen to follow the same flood-of-titles formula with their other franchise – Assassins Creed. Honestly I’ve not read the majority of these and can’t speak to their overall quality but Assassins Creed: Reflections was pretty decent and the quality of art and production is definitely good. Plus the two friends I have who are hardcore fans of the series, they enjoy the comics more than a fair bit – they don’t sing their praises but clearly these comics will work for fans and maybe, just maybe for non-fans or part-timers who want something to wipe the shitty taste of the terrible movie from their palate. Oh yeah and they’ve also got plans to do horror-ish comics for the Hammer-horror stuff that just had its first super-fail at the movies with The Mummy and the new “Dark Universe” launch and the comic was funnily enough, actually kind of better which doesn’t say much.


That brings us to Dark Horse Comics. Now I love the comics that these guys do, you should know that right from the start – though they lost the rights and had to stop making the best Star Wars comics, the franchises they have comics off now are mainly Joss Whedon-verse stuff like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly/Serenity + Aliens/Predator comics. The Buffy-verse comics have followed on from the TV shows and after what some considered a slightly over-the-top but still decent Season 8, they’ve been absolutely fantastic with the main Buffy series being wonderfully done with great artwork – but the surprise was the Angel & Faith series which brought together my two favourites from the Buffy-verse but sadly ended, only to be replaced recently but Angel starring old grumpy-vamp himself and Illyria/Fred which was super exciting. And for fans of other aspects of this franchise, there have been mini-series starring Spike and Willow and the whole scooby gang gets plenty of love.

On the other side, they’ve got a huge expanded set of mini-series entitled and starring characters and whole new aspects of the Aliens franchise. I’ve read some but not all and overall I found it to be a mixed bag. The Predator comics were more interesting to me but not always truly memorable, the Aliens comics were fun enough but were a little boiler-plate-standard horror comics I suppose – with the Prometheus titled comics being the least interesting to me.


If you REALLY want a hell of a ride and enjoy the Aliens and Predators franchises, then check out this kickass mini-series that somehow these guys managed to pull together that stars these two interstellar races of death-dealing monsters and brings them to Mega City One where they have to face off with none other than the man himself – Judge Dredd. Seriously, Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens is one hell of an entertaining comic that you should read if this type of thing gets you excited!


And last (phew…) but not least is the house of Oni Press, a small-publisher who does some pretty interesting and solid comics though their output is much smaller than pretty much all the others you’ve heard of above. However I think they struck a nice niche with their two licensed titles with weirdos like me – namely comic adaptations of the darkly twisted cartoon Invader Zim by series creator Jhonen Vasquez and the almost equally bizarre yet somehow totally different Rick and Morty based on the super-popular series animated series that is currently on the air. If you had any interest in these two series, you will not be disappointed with these comics!

And with that folks… I sign off… I think my hands and my brain are totally wiped collecting all this together and reading all these comics – but it was totally worth it and I hope you guys enjoyed it and found many new roads to explore down. I’ll be back soon with a list of my top 5 comics that are based on licensed properties right now – I’ve not even mentioned any of them in this post so if you think you know which ones I mean, give me a shout on twitter or my blog, otherwise I’ll see you shortly and till then folks: Cheers and have a good one.


Writer: Akshay Dhar

A writer when life permits, a music and nature lover, (attempted) humourist, nerd, scribbler, day-dreamer, arm-chair philosopher and random road-tripper… A strangely hopeful cynic first and foremost from all accounts.

Once a young geek-ling who migrated and “matured” from comics to literature and more esoteric reading and ideas – eventually found his way back to the wonderful worlds that come from putting a dreamers’ pen to paper!

Loves to let his mind wander and at times it takes forever to find its way home. Loves all comics so long as they are not just pretty pictures – but will make exceptions for masters like Geof Darrow and J.H.Williams III.

His own blog can be found HERE.


“Hey Everyone!”

That moment in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War (CA:CW) trailer, marked Spidey’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It was a moment that had fans cheering with joy.

As the events unfolded in CA:CW, Spidey stole the show. The one moment stood out for me in the movie was the one where Captain America smiles after taking on Spiderman, looks on at him struggling to hold up a large airline container and says, “You’ve got heart kid!”

And in this movie, that’s what matters most. Spiderman: Homecoming is all heart and it’s all Marvel.

The film takes the best of what makes MCU work, the best from comics and the original Raimi/Maguire movies and capitalizes on it to make you forget the overblown disasters that was Amazing Spiderman (1 and 2).

Summing up the plot quickly, Homecoming goes time hopping – starting from the Chitauri invasion (from The Avengers), to the events of Civil War and then to Peter Parker’s adventures two months later. Peter Parker spends much of the first act coming to terms with his “Stark Internship”, defining his ‘friendly neighborhood Spiderman’ status and being a teenager trying to figure out academic decathlons, high school parties, life, girls, and such.

But as events unfold we realize that there are bigger threats at play here. Michaeal Keaton’s Vulture is selling high-grade weapons salvaged and retrofitted from alien (Chitauri) technology and no one seems to be taking Peter Parker seriously on the seriousness of the threat. Events then unfold with hilarious American sub-urban chases, showdowns and the Staten Island Ferry sequence that we’ve seen in the trailers. The plot is tight, flows well and has the right pay-offs.

Tom Holland’s turn as Spiderman, is the best to hit the screen to date, there is no doubt about that. Holland hits the right notes for both Peter Parker and Spiderman.

Michael Keaton is the other highlight of the movie. His core character represents the aggrieved 99% – a working-class hero with responsibilities, who gets screwed over by the system. Only, this time, Keaton’s Vulture decides to hit back and game the system secretly to get his dues.

Keaton in both dignified and extremely menacing, and without revealing too much, it’s this balance of both traits that creates the most awkward and tense sequence in the film’s third act. It’s also what makes Keaton one the best Spidey villains to hit the screen, at the same level, if not better, than Alfred Molina’s turn as Doctor Octopus in 2004’s Spiderman 2.

Robert Downey Jr. is, as usual, brilliant in his supporting role as Tony Stark. What makes it more than a glorified cameo this time is that we get to see a side of Tony that we haven’t seen before – and it works.

Spiderman: Homecoming is a great movie because at many levels, it delivers the ‘homecoming’ audiences have been looking for. It is a good and proper ‘Homecoming’ for Spiderman to the MCU, for Peter Parker to his character’s comic book roots – and in some ways (you’ll see!) for Tony Stark as well.

If I hadn’t been bound by my age, and therefore nostalgia, I probably would have said this is the best Spiderman movie ever – but I won’t. It has its flaws, as it is ought to, with some unnecessary villain additions, an annoying turn for Happy Hogan and a wasted role for Donald Glover.

But is Homecoming one of MCU’s best, most fun movies? Yes, definitely.

Spidey’s home people. Rejoice!


Aniruddho-1Aniruddho Chakraborty is a brand and marketing professional by day and an award nominated comic book writer/colorist by night. The former pays the monthly bills and sometimes funds cash flows for his comic book label Chariot Comics. Over five years of Chariot Comics’ existence, he has created titles like VRICA and Damned and worked with Luminosity Pictures and Luke Kenny, for the comic book prequel to the movie “Zombie Rising”. He has worked with multiple independent comic book houses as well.


Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama mystery thriller television series developed by I. Marlene King loosely based on the popular book series of the same name written by Sara Shephard. It is about a group of five girls out of which one goes missing and what follows is a series of texts by a blackmailer named ‘A’ who threatens to reveal the liar’s deepest and darkest secrets. It premiered for the first time in 2010 by ABC family. After seven years of lies, coded text messages and heaps of drama, it IS finally over! *sigh*

In the end Pretty Little Liars went down with an enormous bang. Confirming a popular fan theory it was made known that Spencer Hastings did indeed have an evil psychopathic twin- Alex Drake. The big reveal went down in the middle of the two hour series finale with Mary Drake’s break out from prison, Spencer ending up in a mysterious underground lair being confronted by Alex Drake and a sabotaged Ezaria (Ezra-Aria) wedding.

The finale revealed Alex Drake’s story. After giving birth to three daughters, Mary Drake sold Alex to a family in England in a scheme to buy herself out of Radley Sanatorium. Alex was later abandoned by her adoptive parents and sent to an orphanage. Unaware of whom she really was, Alex was discovered by Wren while she worked at a bar in England. Taken by her uncanny resemblance to one of the liars, Wren mistook her to be someone else but later realized she was the twin of Spencer Hastings. Shocked over this revelation Wren introduced Alex to Charlotte who we later came to know as ‘A’. Alex took over the ‘AD’ persona in order to avenge her sister Charlotte’s death.


Throughout the finale it seems like Mona is Alex’s other helping hand in tormenting the liars. However, this could never hold through. All Mona ever wanted was to be a part of the girl gang and be one of them. She is actually the one who helps track down AD and help the liars reveal her identity. Though in the end, when all is going well and all secrets are revealed, Mona moves to France, owns a doll boutique and holds Mary and Alex captive in the basement!

As far as the liars are concerned- Aria and Ezra tie the knot and announce their honeymoon, Emily and Alison get engaged and are happily raising twins- Grace & Lily while Hanna and Caleb announce a baby and Spencer and Toby rekindle their love for one another.

In totality, the finale was a rollercoaster ride filled with surprises as well as shocks which eventually turned out to be a little disappointing. In my opinion, through 7 seasons in the show, we were exposed to a plethora of characters that seemed to be interrelated in every possible way. They could have revealed AD to be anyone but a new character that was introduced to the fans in the last half of the series finale. In addition, what really was weird was how a blind woman (Jenna) and a horse could figure out a ‘fake Spencer’ instead of actual human beings that spent entire six seasons with the character! It also left us fans with a lot of unanswered questions, some including – “How did the mothers get out of the basement?”, “Why was Maya mentioned?”, “How was Wren killed?” etc.

FullSizeRender (16)


Although, after all the betrayals and secrets, Pretty Little Liars has finally come to an end. Even as the finale’s reveal could have been predicted by fans already whilst leaving some disappointed it nonetheless was a bittersweet conclusion to our ever favourite show showcasing our favourite actresses and giving them all a moment to shine bright!

Authored by Shivani Jaggi


Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn is the star for fast food joint KFC’s new commercial which has a twist toward the end! KFC uses a similar take as GOT since it tries to recreate an infamous yet impactful scene from GOT episode 5, season 6 which showcased the central surrender of Hodor in protection of the wall.

In the commercial titled Lunchtime is Coming”, Hodor is bombarded with customers demanding Chicken with Fries which after repeating several times under pressure gets morphed into Chicken with Rice.

This is pretty much similar to Game of Thrones as even in the show Kristian had a limited vocabulary and here too the story seems to be just the same but it is used to promote KFC’s newly added menu offering – Ricebox.

Smart, right?

If you still haven’t seen the commercial, here is the link –

Don’t forget- GOT returns for its seventh season on July 16th!


Authored by Shivani Jaggi

“When you play a game of thrones you win or you die.” – George R. R. Martin.


Game of Thrones is an immensely popular television show, perhaps the second most popular show in the world in terms of ratings. The show is based on the epic fantasy novel series“A Song of Fire and Ice”, written by George R. R. Martin. Over a span of five years the show has completed six seasons, with the seventh being the most awaited season of all as it nears its end.


Although, all GOT seasons have previously surfaced around April, Season 7 is set to premiere in mid June as show runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss explained –“We’re starting a bit later because at the end of this season, Winter is here”. (Winter is finally here and is to stay). This season is also shorter in terms of the number of episodes as there are 7 instead of the usual 10.

Based on where each character left of in season six, I have got seven theories about how the show’s seventh season might play of

1. Jon Snow learns the truth of his identity.

Throughout the six seasons of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow is identified as Ned Stark’s bastard son. However Season 6 revealed the truth to this situation and fulfilled the ever surfacing fan theory of L+R=J. This theory states that Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rahegar Targareyan, which makes him anything less than a bastard. Lyanna left Ned Stark in charge of the baby as she died, giving birth. If Jon Snow comes to know of his true lineage, he would be the direct successor to the Iron Throne

2. Could Nymeria possibly return back?

“The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives”. This dialogue from the Season 7 trailer could possibly hint towards the reunion between Nymeria (Arya Starks dire wolf) and Arya. As per the book, after Nymerias dismissal the direwolf  forms a pack of its own in Westeros. But in the show, Nymeria was dismissed for her own protection after it attacked Joffery and was never seen or heard of ever. However, show watchers have always wished for a reunion among the two. This reconnection between the two could perhaps signal Arya’s return to her familial roots as well as her reunion with Sansa, Jon and most importantly Winterfell, the House of Starks.

3. Jon Snow will unify rivals against the White Walkers.

The trailer shows Sir Davos telling an imaginary figure that “ It doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.” This dialogue could hint to the age old fact that the white walkers have been the biggest threat to the Iron Throne. Jon was the former member of the nights watch, whose mission was to keep the white walkers at bay. With the magic spell broken and Bran being marked by the Nights King the White Walkers become the biggest hazard. Jon would in this season try to bring all the houses together in unison to fight the walking dead

4. Will the Mad Queen be killed?

Cersei Lannister aka the Mad Queen as per a prophecy by Maggy the Frogg told her that she would wed a king, all her children would die and that she would die by the hands of a valonqar which in Valyrian means younger brother. Three forth of the prophecy has already come true, which leaves us with the latter. It could be possible that Jamie, who is born a few minutes after Cersei would be the one to kill her.

5. Littlefinger’s manipulations.

Peter Baelish is the catalyst for wedging a rift between Sansa and Jon. He attempts to manipulate Sansa into believing that the king in the North is actually her enemy and is trying to steal her throne which being the eldest, is her sole right. Littlefinger is trying to evoke feelings of sibling rivalry in Sansa so that Jon gets eliminated from the way so that he can rule beside Sansa at Winterfell and eventually take on the Iron Throne.



So here’s my take on the upcoming season of GOT. Stay tuned for the premiere of the seventh season on 16th July 2017 to know who finally wins the game of thrones and whether these ever surfacing theories are given light!

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Authored by Shivani Jaggi


WARNING: This article contains almost no spoilers!


In the wake of BBC introducing a promising new Companion and the most recent face of the Doctor getting only one more season to play out his amusing blend of mid-life crisis and cranky grandpa (with a healthy dash of teenage angst), I’d like to talk to the Whovians out there about the plot hook that has made it possible for 13 men (15 if we’re looking outside the show canon) to play the role of our favourite TV Doc! (Sorry to all the McDreamies and Quinns and Browns out there).


Pictures are copyright of BBC/Original Publication


Regeneration is a HUGE part of the Doctor Who shtick. Yet, so many fans don’t seem to be able to really reconcile the device with their expectations of the show. We’ve all done that thing where we watch an actor play a role and then he/she just forever becomes that character… I mean I defy you to ever watch NPH in anything and not think of him as Barney, the creator of ‘The Playbook’ and ‘The Bro Code’. Funnily enough, with the Doctor many of us tend to do the reverse. Having related to a Tennant or a Smith in the role we just can’t help thinking to ourselves as we watch Capaldi… “this isn’t the Doctor” or “this isn’t my Doctor”. That latter line has some pretty rooted significance if you’ve followed the show over the years (watch this clip to the end for a particularly moving evocation, though you may have to Google the back story a bit <http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2cunzc_doctor-who-time-crash_tv>). Well, you’re not going to like it, but I’m here to tell you how you’re doing yourself and the show an injustice by thinking like that…


Pictures are copyright of BBC/Original Publication

And that long-winded, and often distracted opening brings us to the meat of this little article… Regeneration doesn’t just mean a new actor is taking on the character you’ve come to love and cherish… It means that its time for a new Doctor. This is a concept that I think newer fans struggle with even more than the old school Whovians or those who spent the time to chase down the old episodes and binge watch the first 8 incarnations. Maybe that’s because for near an entire decade we watched young, suave, funny, (kinda) bad boys run around in trainers with cute girls (who some of us may have had a massive crush on despite an at-time almost intolerably thick London accent). For a whole fresh generation of fans, THAT was the Doctor. So many were understandably put off by the new (old) guy. And that’s where they missed out on some of the most beautiful executions of true realistic story telling in the show (whether it was intentional or not).


What do I mean by that? Well while Capaldi might seem very uncharacteristic to the Tennant and Smith fans, there is so much of the past in him if you’re a true-blue Whovian. Capaldi’s Doctor often times summons up Patrick Troughton’s ‘space hobo’… or Tom Baker’s philosopher Doctor… or Christopher Eccleston’s leather clad bad boy… and certainly Colin Baker’s unapologetic, somewhat conceited, annoyingly confident Doctor. Whether these touches were intentional or not, whether they were directorial notes or performance choices, one cant help but reminisce about all the lovely and cruel moments through the long history of a science fiction classic. Perhaps the reason we never got an answer to “the eternal question” during Matt Smith’s grand season (featuring one of my favourite quotes of the show: “Demons run when a good man goes to war”) was that there is no answer to it. Doctor Who? We may never know.


Pictures are copyright of BBC/Original Publication

Now I may just be seeing things that I want to see, but that is the advantage of looking at the past as you watch the future unfold. I don’t want to get too “time-wimey” here, but if you know everywhere the Doctor has been… it’s not so unfamiliar where he is going.


Now whether this article has inspired you to give Capaldi another shot, re-watch the old show to better appreciate the newer (re)generations, or just made you go “meh, this guy is full of it”… and this stands as true for Capaldi today as it has for every Doctor who has been or will be… at the end of the day (to paraphrase Colin Baker in S21E21 ‘The Twin Dilemma’) ‘He is the Doctor, whether you like it or not’.


And if you just can’t bring yourself to be on board with the Doctor with the sad eyes, well you might already know by now that you don’t have to suffer him much longer. As I mentioned before, after just a few seasons Peter Capaldi is already leaving the role after Season 10 of the 2005 series. So the cycle of regeneration will continue (for now).


Pictures are copyright of BBC/Original Publication


But the Doctor’s not the only one with a possible regeneration in the near future. Stephen Moffat, long at the helm of the show, is stepping down. Now for some this may be a cause for celebration, as they blamed Moffat for shifting the “fundamental philosophy of the show” (See https://www.change.org/p/bbc-remove-steven-moffat-from-doctor-who). All I know is, the man was not infallible. But under his leadership the show has had some truly chillingly amazing moments, and he shall be missed. Not least because any turnover at the head has the potential to spell disaster for a long-running show. So remember those first 10-15 minutes with Capaldi where he went stumbling around in a daze, asking why everyone else was talking funny? Well, get ready for a potentially very interesting – potentially very confusing Season 11 in 2017/18. Chris Chipnall has some pretty big shoes to fill – not just in replacing Moffat, but also because in his insistence to cut Capaldi’s run short so he could pick his own Time Lord!

POLL: Who is your favourite Doctor?

(Oh come, we all knew it was coming!)



Zafar Khurshid
About The Writer:
Staff Writer and Co-Owner at Meta DesI Comics, Zafar is one half of the deranged-duo behind the fan-loved, irreverent and outrageous Holy Hell series and the somewhat amusing web-comic series ‘Shtick Figures’. He has been writing comics since 2013 and been a professional geek since before time began.
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I started collecting at the age of 10 (I think!), I started with stamps then I moved on toy-cars, action figures and comics. Thanks to an Uncle of mine, who had a slew of International clients, my stamp collection was legit! The toy cars went in to hundreds, but my action figures were kept in mint condition. I played with everything but I took good care of them.

And then finally the comics started, it began with the Archies, then the Tinkles and then your Tintins & Asterix.

Little did I know back then that I was setting myself up for a lifetime of collecting things that I really am fascinated with. Unfortunately, most of past collections did not last, I was too young to understand the value of what I had collected. Thankfully, the comics were saved.

I got back in to collecting by the time I was graduating from college, I had my own place and more freedom to store or display stuff as I liked.

I view collecting as way for me expressing myself and channeling my passion. The largest collection that I maintain is my comics, with over 5,000 unique titles. I am also on the verge of becoming a full-fledged ‘Sneakerhead’, though I am still at a beginner level. I also maintain collections of action figures and Socks. Yes, Socks, the quirkier the better.

Since then I’d like to believe I have matured as a collector, I have understood the value of curating. Curating is obviously subjective and tied to an individuals tastes and preferences, but it is essential in maintaining your collection.

I don’t collect for the sake of collecting, I only collect if I like something and truly value it. I am certainly no big time collector, but here’s short list of few tips that I can suggest to anyone planning to start a collection of their own: –

  • Don’t collect for the sake of collecting, only do it if you truly value it.
  • Collecting anything comes investment of time, effort &resources, so always maintain a balance, don’t go overboard.
  • Once your collection reaches a certain size, you’ll require space and infrastructure, try & plan ahead.
  • Always keep assessing the size & value of your collection, sometimes a culling and a bit of curating is required to maintain the right balance.

Lastly, I am always sensitive about people going through my comics collection, however, I do let everyone go through it and I share my comics with friends & family. It’s let me share my love of comics with others and gotten new fans in to the fold.

So if you can, try not to keep your collection(s) locked up, but share it with the world. You’ll enjoy it even more!


Jatin-VarmaJatin Varma, Founder Comic Con India
He grew up on a healthy diet of comics, movies and games… like any other kid. Though he likes Star Wars, deep down he knows he is a Trekkie for life. He is introverted and prefers reading books than talking to people. He has recently taken up collecting socks!


I was going to do this article first because I realised it had been a year since the momentous DC Rebirth lauched. I also wanted to because as a DC fan from childhood who’s seen the company and the characters I’ve grown up with go through a wildly chaotic period, it was good to see and hear that things were stable, that DC was finding their feet again.

But then I realised that DC has a lot of titles. A lot. How can I possibly review them all? Originally I considered doing it as a series of reviews and doing it in chunks. Too long, too boring, too time-consuming. But what was the alternative?

Well for your convenience (and mine), we’re trying something a little different here and I hope it works for you too. Basically I’m taking an idea from DC’s own playbook and breaking up their titles into sections, for eg: the Bat-family of books, Krypton-family books and so on and so forth. I’ll be talking briefly about all the titles that I’ve read since the reboot and giving my views and reactions as a long-time fan. Please note though, yes there will be titles not covered, because in the end I am just one dude and I can’t read everything – plus I don’t like to judge things too early if I can help it, so any comic that has had less than 6 issues will also not be on this list as they’re too new in my view to judge them.

Now, let’s get reviewing!

DC as a whole has been in a chaotic and frankly bad place for several years now. They rebooted a universe with a hardcore fanbase in order to bump sales, they failed pretty hard across the board, they kept doing too-frequent soft and hard reset-ish events and big over-the-top events and melodrama and pushing the grim-dark agenda and it didn’t work. Sure, there were the odd decent runs and titles scattered here and there, but overall it was very much a big failure to me as a whole. Now, after a load of hype and controversy about rebooting yet AGAIN – especially with the news that the revered Watchmen comics were being sort-of folded into the DCU as a result somehow – there was a lot of anticipation and expectation, both good and bad.

Once the big moment came, it seemed to the majority of readers that DC was finally getting it right again and hope was rekindled both in the tones and stories in the comics and in the readers who had been fighting each other and been unhappy for a while over one thing or another. But is everything great again? Or are we just happy DC has good comics at all? Or is DC killing it and back to rule comics? Lets find out:


I want to start with this lot to get it out of the way before I get to the meat and bones of the DC catalogue of heroes.

This was a line of books that I had mixed feelings about when I heard about it. I grew up watching all this stuff on Cartoon Network and such and nostalgia is a powerful thing. But I told myself to keep an open mind and let creativity have a chance.

I was wrong, so very wrong.

The only good thing to come out of this is Future Quest, a merging/crossover storyline that includes Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, The Galaxy Trio, the Herculoids and Birdman – it’s well written by Jeff Parker who is a consistently excellent writer and the rotating artists have somehow managed to do a bang-up job with the art styles, keeping it old-school and simple, yet not just carbon copied.

On the other hand the titles like Wacky Raceland, The Flintstones and Scooby Apocalype are really, really terrible. And unlike Quest of Space Ghost, I have no undying nostalgic love for any of these comics’s original cartoons, I simply remember them as being entertaining. But these gritty, serious reboots are downright terrible. Don’t read them. Please.

5545083-6040962377-rebirBATMAN FAMILY OF BOOKS

Arguably the biggest cornerstone of the DCU almost always has been Batman and over time the ever-growing titles of books around him and the Bat-family. So in a sense the focus here and the scrutiny was going to be intense, especially after all the noise of Gordon-Bat and the storylines that Scott Snyder had been telling for the past several years. I was hesitant to put too much faith into it all after some terrible Bat-comics, but I have to say that under the pen of folks like Tom King and some truly well-suited artwork from folks like Marcio Takara and Jason Fabok, the core of the Bat-verse is in good hands for now. Diving in headfirst with storylines like the superheroes Gotham and Gotham Girl in the main Batman book and the setting up of the new team over at Detective Comics (that led to one of the most heart-wrenching deaths in comics in years), the main books have been a hell of a good ride and continue to be so – if you read no other Bat-books, read these, they’re not perfect but they’re pretty damned good.

Aside from these two, we have a big family to cover. Batgirl in her most recent revamp generated a lot of positive interest and fans and now has a book of her own plus one with the Birds of Prey – and they’re both decent books, though I must admit they were not for me, mostly because I have a connection to the Barbara Gordon that was and while I appreciate what they’re going for, this new, “hip” and cool Batgirl is clearly aimed at a reader younger than my 3 decades (which is good actually) and in a sense is more new-reader friendly. Don’t avoid it just because it’s a “girl”, they’re decently done titles and I admit, I do actually like the new costume. Fan-favourite sidekick Dick Grayson/Nightwing on the other hand has not been doing as well – his self-titled solo series was actually not very good and though I like Tim Seeley as a writer, I have not really enjoyed his writing all that much on this character. BUT that said, the title had a recent arc called “Bludhaven” and I must admit I decided to give it a second try and this arc was genuinely good. It made me want to maybe give this book a try, but only time will tell if I stick with it.

The big disappointment, maybe the saddest part of this line, is the much hyped All-Star Batman. It’s got Scott Snyder on script and J.R.Jr. on art and everyone expected brilliance. I must admit though, I didn’t, mostly because while I liked his earliest stuff when he took over writing for Batman, Snyders stories post his excellent “Court of Owls” has been uneven at best and pretty irritating more often than not – and All-Star Barman I’m afraid is like a showcase of all the things I didn’t like about Snyders Batman. Maybe it shows he was never really that suited because this was the book where he had essentially free-hands to do as he felt, but the result is a pretty terrible story, poorly thought through with characters that feel wrong somehow and in the end just not fun. And Romita… what can I say, I loved his dads work, I loved his work too, but somewhere in the last many years I have found his work has lost something. Sure his quality and finish is fine, but the designs, the flow, much of the detail, somethings just not the same – like Frank Miller‘s artwork.

Next up, lets move to the other big pillar of DC: Superman.

Now unlike Batman who has been mostly doing alright even through the worst of the recent years, Superman has been in a sort of tailspin ever since the truly garbage “Grounded” storyline by J.M.S some years ago – no matter what they did, these books just couldn’t stay solid. Grant Morrisons Action Comics run and the odd issue here or there showed some hope, but nothing lasted and the books suffered.

But then DC did something strange and unexpected. They killed Superman, again. But it was specifically the New52 Superman who was dead and in his place was the Kal-El from before the reboot, the one we’d all loved and who was not grim or serious and was a true hero at heart and somehow Peter J. Tomasi was hitting the story beats and characters really well, especially Clark, Lois and their son Jon. For the first time in years I was enjoying and looking forward to a comic called Superman. Sadly however, the same I can’t say for Action Comics, which has bored and annoyed me a little and the alternate Clark Kent storylines made me think of the kind of bad stories that had been told in recent years that I hoped we had left behind. That culminated in a, well, very weird storyline merging the old and the new (sort of… it’s not fully clear…) into a “new” Superman and Lois Lane and while I’m unsure how this will affect the future issues, I’m happy that the fake-Kent stuff is over.

5820766-03Supergirl on the other hand started off with a big bang and with her TV avatar giving her a lot of press and new fans, it was promising. But in the end the book has not had the greatest stories and in fact the whole opening with not just a Cyborg Superman but having it be her father was just, well, stupid. Plus they pretty much cut and pasted stuff from the TV show like making her work for the DEO, involving Cat Grant in her life, etc, etc and that is just pandering and not original and takes away from a comic that I think could have been very good because if nothing else, writer Orlando does get the character. For a good Supergirl book, I recommend the still new but excellent Supergirl: Being Super by Mariko Tamaki who is killing it with this and her Hulk series over at Marvel.

(Whew, tired already… need to keep it shorter!)

 Superwoman – a book starring of all people, Lois Lane and Lana Lang as friends of the now-dead Superman who both absorbed parts of his powers and are both now Super, except that one is dying and they both are trying (sort of) to be heroes too. On the face of it, should have been at least interesting, but the writing is not good and frankly I recommend it to no one – the art however is quite good, that is worth mentioning. That leaves us with last but not least: New Superman by Gene Luen Yang – maybe the single most curious entry of all the new DC books in many ways. We have not only a new Superman, but a Chinese one. Written by Yang who was actually writing some surprisingly good Superman comics before the reboot (some!), I picked it up because I was curious and because I love his writing – and I was not let down. After a slow/not good or bad start, the series really picked up and between great scripts, the great characters and some decent art, this is a good book that’s worth trying out.

5886610-22THE TEAM BOOKS!

So I elected to cover a bunch of their team-titles in one go as it’s easier and also for another reason that I will just put forth:

They are almost all mediocre or borderline bad.

Bryan Hitch is doing the main Justice League book and while I love the man as an artist, this is a “meh” comic that I would read if I had nothing better lying around, but that I would rather pick up an old comic than read this new awesome looking series says a lot to me.

Then we have Justice League of America which stars Batmans Justice League after the events of the “JL vs. Suicide Squad” crossover. This is a crappy book. One of the few books I would say is actually just forced and pointless. I was happy that the original Lobo was back, but even the Main Man isn’t enough to make me keep reading this terrible, terrible book.

Suicide Squad… what can I say about this book… it was badly done before Rebirth began with some really crap stories and badly written characters. Then it got a crappy movie with badly written characters. Then Rebirth came along and it gave us a crappy comic BUT with shockingly well-written characters! So I would sort of reach back into the comic every few issues and what I realised was that the book suffered from editorial syndrome – the bane of DC comics for over 10 years now, i.e, there was a plan the bosses had and until that played out and the writer had more room to tell their own story, the comic was never as good as it could be and in this case that plan was to build up to “Justice Leagues Vs Suicide Squad”, the most boring, over-hyped, mostly pointless event that had no good fallout once it was over. Except that Suicide Squad actually became a better book once it was over, though Romita was brought on for art for some strange reason and despite him the book was good and now he’s gone so it might be worth following hereon.

There are also the GL books but I did not enjoy them enough when they started out to keep reading them frankly. I really love Robert Vendetti‘s work over at Valiant, he wrote some of my favourite comic stories at that time, but though he’s been writing GL stories for some time now, they have always been just “Okay”. They’re not bad, but they’re not all that great either – so if you are a GL fan, sure, check out Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps to get your fix. Its sister title Green Lanterns has been a mixed bag for me, because I love the characters, especially Jessica Cruz who is a truly interesting new GL after a LONG time, but the storylines have been not even as entertaining as Vendetti’s. Which is sad because I want to read about her and Simon Baz but if the story ain’t good, what’s the point?

And lastly we have the two Titans book! Titans itself is essentially a reunion book of sorts for the Teen Titans of old, bringing back Wally West, Donna Troy and Nightwing and the crew and it is indeed a very solidly written book. The adventures are a little uneven I’ll admit, but you can see how much Dan Abnett gets these characters and between his characterisation and solid artwork from Brett Booth, this is one of the best team books DC has today and for fans of these characters, I highly recommend giving it a shot. Teen Titans on the other hand has had a hard time I feel – after some great writing to start off the series, it seems to have struggled to find its continuing voice. For fans of characters like Damian Wayne, you will probably enjoy this, but overall I found it a middling book at best.


It sounds like a vague way to address the remaining titles but after aaaall that stuff above, frankly my brains slowing down…

BUT, I will go on, for you fellow comic fan. Of the other titles from DC, there are actually a lot of very good ones to be found and in a sense I’m happy that this section comes at the end because pretty much everything here is at least good if note fantastic.

First and foremost: Wonder Woman. Writer Greg Rucka has always been a favourite of mine and is considered a solid writer in general who has never written a bad comic to my knowledge. Taking on the challenge of Wonder Woman, he dove in headfirst with a story that literally addressed the fact that there was so much contradiction and retconning and revamping and alteration in her past – and sent her on a journey to rediscover herself and to learn the Truth and it has been a glorious journey! It takes a little getting used to, but the issues alternate as Rucka is ambitiously writing not one but two story arcs side by side and they both take alternating issues to bring new chapters and the 2nd storyline is a Year One story and while I had mixed feelings about that, I took it all back and just started enjoying things right away. Accompanying are artists Liam Sharpe and star artist Nicola Scott and between these three amazing creators you have what might be one of the best books at DC today.

5843205-10A book that I didn’t know where to fit so I’m sticking it in here is Red Hood and the Outlaws by Scott Lobdell. This was a title that even pre the reboot generated a lot of heated debate and while I will admit I actually enjoyed a lot of the ideas and things that it brought to the table, especially to do with the rapport between Jason Todd and Roy Harper and Jason’s past, the book overall was not great and their buddy-hero series that followed was frankly even weaker. Which is why I was utterly shocked when I picked up the first issue of this series starring Jason Todd alongside Artemis and of all people, Bizarro – and I really, really liked it. I don’t know what he did, but somehoe Lobdell has totally nailed writing a good comic with this series and Dexter Soys artwork, especially his action sequences are just a great read and I recommend this to anyone and everyone. It’s a strange little comic but one well worth reading.

Then there’s Aquaman and The Flash. I don’t really have any strong feelings about these books either way. Both have genuinely good, solid artwork and the stories are decent enough. So read them if you like the characters, but personally I stopped because there’s only so much I can read and these were just “okay” to my mind.

5886603-24I round up my reviews here with Green Arrow, a title I was hopeful for because I love the character but had a terrible time and gave up on it in the New52 until Jeff Lemires mind-blowing run, after which it floundered but never was truly good. But now under Ben Percy and a rotating artists pool, we have a truly solid GA title that so many issues in is still going strong – and honestly is telling stories 10-times better than the stuff that you get with the TV Green Arrow and I recommend it to any fans of the character and of Black Canary who is back with the Emerald Archer (sort of…) and between them we have some great fun!


In closing, I give my list of (dis)honourable mentions, i.e, titles that I read and just couldn’t read anymore, I thought about it but decided that I disliked these enough that I want to tell people to not waste their time with them as there are many better comics to be found:

– Batman Beyond

– Blue Beetle

– Cyborg

– Deathstroke

– Dark Knight III: The Master Race


DC has indeed come a long way. They have regained ground, learned from some mistakes and are on a good path. They have more good titles than bad after a long time and have been doing a commendable job getting on board more interesting and varied talents to make their comics and tell stories.

They are still suffering from some amount of Editorial Syndrome and I hope that they big-guns (I’m talking to you Didio, Lee, Harras, Johns) let go their ego’s and all take a further step back and maybe stop trying to fix everything and justify their mistakes and all that and just focus on making good comics. Honestly I had all but forgotten the whole Watchmen thing until it came up again in a recent Batman issue and we could have just forgotten it as an anomaly as the universe reset itself from a bad place to a good one.

I hope these guys know what they’re doing and I hope they get it right this time – but regardless, until we come to that moment, I’ll read the DC titles I’m enjoying after many years and spend time with characters I care about and what will come tomorrow, well we’ll see.

Thanks for reading fellow comic fan, I hope this helped in some way – if it didn’t or you disagree with me, feel free to express that online as is your gods given right.

Till next time folks!


Writer: Akshay Dhar

A writer when life permits, a music and nature lover, (attempted) humourist, nerd, scribbler, day-dreamer, arm-chair philosopher and random road-tripper… A strangely hopeful cynic first and foremost from all accounts.

Once a young geek-ling who migrated and “matured” from comics to literature and more esoteric reading and ideas – eventually found his way back to the wonderful worlds that come from putting a dreamers’ pen to paper!

Loves to let his mind wander and at times it takes forever to find its way home. Loves all comics so long as they are not just pretty pictures – but will make exceptions for masters like Geof Darrow and J.H.Williams III.

His own blog can be found HERE.


Back in 2014, when Starlord put on the headphones of his Sony Walkman and pranced across to the screen to the Redbone track – kicking away those mini raptor-like creatures, we knew James Gunn had something magical in his hand.

Flash forward to 2017, this time its speakers instead of headphones, the same raptor creatures, and a jiving Baby Groot – and yes, we can see there is magic, once again. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (GoTG Vol 2) is a very good film – perhaps even a fantastic one. However, is it a victim of its own legend? Yes.

In short, Guardians does deliver the goods – but it falls into the same “curse of the MCU sequel” that Avengers, Thor and Iron Man fell into. How does that curse work? Well, the movie is seemingly better, grander, tighter and hits the right notes – yet, it’s just not as good as the first one.

GoTG Vol 2 is a thoroughly fun movie – with its share of stunning visuals, action that is both tight and grand; with humor and humanity in abundance. In fact, the movie is significantly funnier than the previous installment and only in rare moments does it seem forced – which is a ‘Marvel-ous’feat in itself. The Stan Lee cameo is probably one of his most significant so far and Baby Groot – awwwwwwwww.

Take that mix and throw in some strong performances by the core cast and the cameo crew – you have a GoTG2 that is so good andso muchfun. But there are reasons why I include the “so not enough” in the title.

The most fatal flaw of GoTG Vol.2 is the fact that it is completely forgettable in the MCU canon. Vol.1 came with its own rich universe of characters and had a sense of freedom from the overarching MCU storyline. But it decided to take on the responsibility of introducingThanos – the big baddie who we all know is coming in Infinity War.

Vol 2 doesn’t forward that agenda or story at all though. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. While it tries to tie in many things from the Guardians history and current worldsusing cameos and nods – it contributes nothing to the MCU narrative. You could skip GoTG Vol. 2 and go straight to Thor: Rangnarok and you wouldn’t have missed much.

We’ve seen the reverse happen in Avengers Age of Ultron, where it was bogged down its need to tie-up the MCU story. So, one would assume that James Gunn would be careful. However, in Vol2 it seemed that he was trying to make a deliberate attempt not to lead in to Infinity War and it comes eventually across as overcompensation.

The other weak spot was the movie’s villain – and for the sake of spoilers, I will not delve into it much. I will however say that it felt somewhere between a giant cop-out and a predictable sucker-punch.

The movie also overdoes a few things – melodrama being one of them. It tends to push those emotional zingers towards the end a tad bit further (and longer) than it should. That ends up doing disservice to the pace Gunn had built up in the fantastic final act of the movie.

The endless cameos also were a bit much, honestly, apart from teen Groot and the old Guardians, of course!

Final Verdict:

GoTG Vol. 2 is a great movie, although not as fresh as it’s predecessor. In trying to be bigger, more emotional, and better than its predecessor and by attempting to be self-contained, away from the MCU narrative, it somehow falls short of what made Vol. 1 so fresh.

Will I watch it a second time? Yes, of course.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a 4/5 Groots.


Aniruddho-1Aniruddho Chakraborty is a brand and marketing professional by day and an award nominated comic book writer/colorist by night. The former pays the monthly bills and sometimes funds cash flows for his comic book label Chariot Comics. Over five years of Chariot Comics’ existence, he has created titles like VRICA and Damned and worked with Luminosity Pictures and Luke Kenny, for the comic book prequel to the movie “Zombie Rising”. He has worked with multiple independent comic book houses as well.