Suits is one of the best legal drama shows on TV right now. With every passing season, there have been many threats to the firm- Pearson Specter Litt. With an outstanding cast and even better guest characters, here is a list of few of the opponents that we find best ranked on the basis of their degree of threat to the firm:

1. Daniel Hardman– When Jessica, Harvey, and Mike went against Daniel Hardman and inadvertently sent Pearson Hardman down the path of potential destruction, it was a given that he would come back and be a potential threat to the firm. He is a skilled manipulator with a razor sharp mind hidden behind an accommodating countenance. Returning from his forced exile, he used the case of Coastal Motors to get back at the firm and regain control. Hardman is the one responsible for some of the ugliest fights in the firm- And for that reason, he makes the top of our list!


2. Anita Gibbs– She is the woman responsible for getting Mike into jail for committing fraud- pretending to be an associate without having gone to law school. She was no doubt persistent in getting what she wanted. Her tactics and game plans are what got Mike to confess and land up in prison. Because of her ruthless streak, we place Anita Gibbs second on our list!


3. Charles Forstman- He is a shady businessman with an even worse reputation. He is an egotist as he takes pleasure in taking advantage of people by using their loved ones. He isn’t afraid to flex his financial muscle whenever needed, Forstman is the one who keeps coming back to haunt Harvey and remind him about a dirty deal he once made with him. Forstman through the course of the show has been approached by Mike and Loius and they have both been regretting their decision of getting into bed with him. He is one of the real bad guys of the show and thus, we place him at number 3!



4. Robert Zane- He is a name partner at Rand, Kaldor & Zane LLP and Rachel’s father. He is a man with great connections and resources which come with having to be a partner at a big firm. However, Zane has threatened Jessica in the past to merge their firms in order to avoid conflict but after realizing, this would affect his daughters position at the firm, he backed out giving way to Daniel Hardman. Robert Zane was the reason the reason for Jessica to merge with Darby in order to avoid Hardman. Although in Season 6, Zane again returns to make another offer of a merger to Jessica Pearson- which she declined. He is a recurrent threat to Pearson Specter Litt for which we place him at number 4!

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5. Jack Soloff- He was seen first in the fifth season as being the head of the compensation committee of Pearson Specter Litt. He wished to change the compensation plan of the company which leads to Harvey’s salary being revealed to the firm. Soloff also took up clients that conflicted with other big clients at the firm. His actions clearly showed the want for more power at the firm but toward the end of season 5, we see him turning over a new leaf as he has a change of heart by deciding to not go against his own firm Pearson Specter Litt. But, in season 6 we see him leaving the firm to join Robert Zane along with a threat to sue Jessica. He bags the last position on our list!



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Authored by Shivani Jaggi