Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama mystery thriller television series developed by I. Marlene King loosely based on the popular book series of the same name written by Sara Shephard. It is about a group of five girls out of which one goes missing and what follows is a series of texts by a blackmailer named ‘A’ who threatens to reveal the liar’s deepest and darkest secrets. It premiered for the first time in 2010 by ABC family. After seven years of lies, coded text messages and heaps of drama, it IS finally over! *sigh*

In the end Pretty Little Liars went down with an enormous bang. Confirming a popular fan theory it was made known that Spencer Hastings did indeed have an evil psychopathic twin- Alex Drake. The big reveal went down in the middle of the two hour series finale with Mary Drake’s break out from prison, Spencer ending up in a mysterious underground lair being confronted by Alex Drake and a sabotaged Ezaria (Ezra-Aria) wedding.

The finale revealed Alex Drake’s story. After giving birth to three daughters, Mary Drake sold Alex to a family in England in a scheme to buy herself out of Radley Sanatorium. Alex was later abandoned by her adoptive parents and sent to an orphanage. Unaware of whom she really was, Alex was discovered by Wren while she worked at a bar in England. Taken by her uncanny resemblance to one of the liars, Wren mistook her to be someone else but later realized she was the twin of Spencer Hastings. Shocked over this revelation Wren introduced Alex to Charlotte who we later came to know as ‘A’. Alex took over the ‘AD’ persona in order to avenge her sister Charlotte’s death.


Throughout the finale it seems like Mona is Alex’s other helping hand in tormenting the liars. However, this could never hold through. All Mona ever wanted was to be a part of the girl gang and be one of them. She is actually the one who helps track down AD and help the liars reveal her identity. Though in the end, when all is going well and all secrets are revealed, Mona moves to France, owns a doll boutique and holds Mary and Alex captive in the basement!

As far as the liars are concerned- Aria and Ezra tie the knot and announce their honeymoon, Emily and Alison get engaged and are happily raising twins- Grace & Lily while Hanna and Caleb announce a baby and Spencer and Toby rekindle their love for one another.

In totality, the finale was a rollercoaster ride filled with surprises as well as shocks which eventually turned out to be a little disappointing. In my opinion, through 7 seasons in the show, we were exposed to a plethora of characters that seemed to be interrelated in every possible way. They could have revealed AD to be anyone but a new character that was introduced to the fans in the last half of the series finale. In addition, what really was weird was how a blind woman (Jenna) and a horse could figure out a ‘fake Spencer’ instead of actual human beings that spent entire six seasons with the character! It also left us fans with a lot of unanswered questions, some including – “How did the mothers get out of the basement?”, “Why was Maya mentioned?”, “How was Wren killed?” etc.

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Although, after all the betrayals and secrets, Pretty Little Liars has finally come to an end. Even as the finale’s reveal could have been predicted by fans already whilst leaving some disappointed it nonetheless was a bittersweet conclusion to our ever favourite show showcasing our favourite actresses and giving them all a moment to shine bright!

Authored by Shivani Jaggi