Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn is the star for fast food joint KFC’s new commercial which has a twist toward the end! KFC uses a similar take as GOT since it tries to recreate an infamous yet impactful scene from GOT episode 5, season 6 which showcased the central surrender of Hodor in protection of the wall.

In the commercial titled Lunchtime is Coming”, Hodor is bombarded with customers demanding Chicken with Fries which after repeating several times under pressure gets morphed into Chicken with Rice.

This is pretty much similar to Game of Thrones as even in the show Kristian had a limited vocabulary and here too the story seems to be just the same but it is used to promote KFC’s newly added menu offering – Ricebox.

Smart, right?

If you still haven’t seen the commercial, here is the link –

Don’t forget- GOT returns for its seventh season on July 16th!


Authored by Shivani Jaggi