Spider-Man Goes Desi!

The Comic Con India crew recently attended Sony India’s Exclusive Spiderman:Homecoming media event in Singapore with Sahil Shah from East India Comedy. Sahil as part of the CCI Crew hosted a special conversation with the cast of the movie including with Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland!

So, the following videos feature –

  • A Special interaction with Tom Holland, from his thoughts on becoming an Avenger to his shocking yet funny reaction to discovering the Indian Spider-Man and finally belting out everyone’s favorite ‘issspiderman-issspiderman!’ Yes, you read that correctly. We made the impossible possible and it is pretty dope.

Other fun interviews included an awesome conversation with Jacob Batalon, who plays the on-screen best friend of Spider-Man. The video interview takes the fans through his Geeky side and his fun behind the scenes antics with Tom Holland.

Trust me; these videos are worth every second that you spend watching them. One of the videos might also include a little surprise toward the end. SO stay tuned & watch till the very end to know what these amazing videos hold for you!!  

And don’t forget- Spider-Man: Homecoming in theatres near you on 7th July!!  

Tom Holland Reacts to Desi Spider-Man!



Meet Spider-Man’s Best Friend, Ned Leeds Aka Jacob Batalon!



Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer



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