I started collecting at the age of 10 (I think!), I started with stamps then I moved on toy-cars, action figures and comics. Thanks to an Uncle of mine, who had a slew of International clients, my stamp collection was legit! The toy cars went in to hundreds, but my action figures were kept in mint condition. I played with everything but I took good care of them.

And then finally the comics started, it began with the Archies, then the Tinkles and then your Tintins & Asterix.

Little did I know back then that I was setting myself up for a lifetime of collecting things that I really am fascinated with. Unfortunately, most of past collections did not last, I was too young to understand the value of what I had collected. Thankfully, the comics were saved.

I got back in to collecting by the time I was graduating from college, I had my own place and more freedom to store or display stuff as I liked.

I view collecting as way for me expressing myself and channeling my passion. The largest collection that I maintain is my comics, with over 5,000 unique titles. I am also on the verge of becoming a full-fledged ‘Sneakerhead’, though I am still at a beginner level. I also maintain collections of action figures and Socks. Yes, Socks, the quirkier the better.

Since then I’d like to believe I have matured as a collector, I have understood the value of curating. Curating is obviously subjective and tied to an individuals tastes and preferences, but it is essential in maintaining your collection.

I don’t collect for the sake of collecting, I only collect if I like something and truly value it. I am certainly no big time collector, but here’s short list of few tips that I can suggest to anyone planning to start a collection of their own: –

  • Don’t collect for the sake of collecting, only do it if you truly value it.
  • Collecting anything comes investment of time, effort &resources, so always maintain a balance, don’t go overboard.
  • Once your collection reaches a certain size, you’ll require space and infrastructure, try & plan ahead.
  • Always keep assessing the size & value of your collection, sometimes a culling and a bit of curating is required to maintain the right balance.

Lastly, I am always sensitive about people going through my comics collection, however, I do let everyone go through it and I share my comics with friends & family. It’s let me share my love of comics with others and gotten new fans in to the fold.

So if you can, try not to keep your collection(s) locked up, but share it with the world. You’ll enjoy it even more!


Jatin-VarmaJatin Varma, Founder Comic Con India
He grew up on a healthy diet of comics, movies and games… like any other kid. Though he likes Star Wars, deep down he knows he is a Trekkie for life. He is introverted and prefers reading books than talking to people. He has recently taken up collecting socks!